September 15, 2010

2 Years Old!

Tyler turned 2 on Sunday! We celebrated on Saturday with family at our house for lunch. My mom brought a bouquet of balloons and he was super excited about them! The theme was Thomas and we had a homemade cake with a Thomas on it and Thomas plates. The party was very simple with very easy food. He got several train gifts and some new pj's. He loved his cake! After the party we went to buy new tennis shoes with Gamma and Terry. My mom and dad got him new shoes as part of his gift. He loves his new shoes. Saturday night after his bath he wanted them back on and cried when we took them off for bedtime. So cute! He had his 2 year old doctor visit today and here are his stats:
Height: 93%ile
Weight: 81%ile
Head: 97%ile
He is ready to try peanut butter now! Sunday I let him eat a McDonald's hamburger and fries downstairs in front of the tv for dinner while watching his favorite movie WALL-E! He thought that was pretty great. He opened a few trains from us and a train movie from his brothers. We had a picnic lunch at the park before Luke's t-ball game and it was a beautiful day. Thankful for a sweet, healthy, and very happy boy!
*Pictures to post soon...

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Sarah said...

Happy birthday to Ty!!

Are you not suppose to give them peanut butter until they are two? Oops. Henry has had it since he was one.