September 29, 2007

Consignment Sale

My maw-ma's church has a consignment sale twice a year. It is a great sale where you can find lots of good things. It starts on a Thursday night, goes all day Friday, and Saturday morning. I have been on a Thursday night before and stood in a really long line but got lots of good clothes. I think I've been on a Friday night before too. I didn't make it until this morning for this sale. But, I still found a few good things. I left the house early to make it right when the sale opened. I had received specific instructions from Wilson to try and find a fire truck- RED- with a ladder that moves. I told him I'd look. When I got to the sale I looked through the 4T clothes for Wilson. I found a long sleeved t-shirt with a dump truck, concrete mixer and front loader ($3)on it. I also got a pair of sweatpants ($1) and a pair of navy cargo zip-off pants($4). Plus a CUTE plaid button down shirt from Old Navy ($2). Then I looked at the 18 months clothes for Luke. There wasn't anything cute left! A lot of really worn out clothes and some stuff that looked like it was from the early 90's. That's the price you pay when you can't shop till Saturday! So then I went to look at size 5's for Will next year. I got two shirts, a Land's End short sleeved polo ($2) and a gap flannel button down ($2.50).

So then I made my way to the toy room which I usually avoid! The boys already have plenty of toys. I walked in and looked down and the first spot I looked at had a RED fire truck with a MOVING ladder all for $3. It is Little Tikes and is missing the people. It came with 1 person but has room for more. So when I brought it home for W&L, Wilson was SOO excited! We've had a few fights over sharing, but all in all they are both happy to have the truck! I've already bid on some more little tikes chunky people to go with the fire truck because Wilson wondered where the people were!

September 25, 2007

How to leave a comment :)

This post is for all of my dear readers and family that want to post a comment (I hope!) but just don't know how. I would love to hear your comments after you read a post! I get excited (sad, I know) when I see that someome has left a comment.

How to leave a comment:
1.After you read a post, click on the word comments at the bottom of the post.
2. If this is your first time to comment, choose No Google Account? Sign up here.
3. Then you simply enter your email address, a password and type your first name (or a nickname) for your display name. You aren't creating a new account really. I just use my email address and a password. Nothing new to remember.
4.From then on, when you want to leave a comment you just type in your comment, enter your email address and password and hit publish.

Hope it works!

September 21, 2007

BUSY week at school!

What a successful week! Monday my class became movie stars. We're making a video in honor of one student in particular. It has been such a neat relationship amongst my students this year. I'm keeping it vague so as not to breech any confidentiality. However, when the video airs on our school district television channel I'll send an email out so you can watch for it! My students did a great job making the video and reading about their friend on tape. I hope my interview turns out okay. He asked me a lot of questions, some I had a better answer for than others so hopefully through editing I won't look like the fool I felt like! I hate being interview/in the spotlight of attention.

Today my class had a poetry cafe. It was awesome! The room transformed into a cafe with colorful tablecloths, vases of flowers, coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies! Everything was donated this year for the cafe which is beyond awesome. It cost me $5 total. All it took was writing donation letters, picking up the stuff, and decorating. Oh, and teaching a poetry unit so the kids had some well written poems to share! As the guests came in the kids shared the poems in their collection with them. They also got their refreshments. Then after everyone had been through the line I started calling the kids up in small groups to read 1 poem out loud. We had a program listing all the kids names and poem titles. It was impressive! Guess how many guests I had in my room alone! I have 24 students. I had 40 guests! So there were a lot of people in my classroom today! We had lots of food leftover, the parents loved the cafe, and the kids felt like they accomplished something huge. And they did.

I love my teammates! They are the best. We all helped deliver donation letters, pick up donations, make calls for donations, etc. Everything is easier with teamwork! Thanks, ladies! What is the next thing we need to tackle?!?!

September 19, 2007

New recipe!

Well after much deliberation (on Andy's part) I was able to convince him to let me try a new recipe. It was for salmon patties which I found here, at Jenn's cousin's blog. I never liked salmon croquettes when I was growing up. I remember my mom made them occasionally and I HATED that meal! But, I ate it because that was what was for dinner. Andy has similar memories tied to his mom's salmon croquettes (When did we change the name from croquettes to patties? Much prefer patties!). His memory involves something with sneaking his salmon into the trashcan... So why did I want to make these?? They looked good and the recipe sounded good! Salmon is good for you!

Anyway, he really didn't want me to make them but I really did so I persisted. We ate them tonight. They were super fast to make and Andy liked them. Wilson liked them, Luke liked them, and guess what?! I even liked them! Score! I did add cheese in them as the recipe suggests as an option, used less oil to fry them in, and dipped 'em in ketchup. I just keep expanding Andy's food horizon. I'm so proud of my wife-y qualities!! (hahaha) It worked out well because we were able to visit with Ted and Cynthia which was nice. This was just my second time to meet Ted's new wife and she seems really nice! Wilson (after showing off for a while) sat down near Cynthia and kept talking to her about his cars. So cute! As they were leaving we had a medical person come out to our house as part of our life insurance application. Then we made our quick, delicious dinner and rushed off to church. It was a busy Wednesday!

September 17, 2007

Girls Night!

Steph and I met at Starbucks Saturday night after the kids were in bed. Between the two of us that is 5 kids, so that's pretty good! We left our husbands at home with the sleeping children watching the UK football game (though Meg might have still been awake!). We had great conversation and a much needed chance to just talk, without chidren interrupting! We had lots to talk about because the time flew and suddenly over an hour and a half had passed and we knew it was time to head home. We both made it home to see the last 30 min. or so of the UK game which was a great ending! Go CATS! (I'm not a big football fan, but, was interested in a game such as that!) Anyway, while we were hanging out we made a plan to baby-sit each other's kids once a month (they are cousins and all!) so we can each have a monthly date with our hubby. Sounds like a great plan. Andy and Danny were both glad to hear that plan!
Do you like Starbucks? I'm one of the few in my family that does. But you gotta love Starbucks coffee. No, I am NOT one of those that don't drink Starbucks just because they are taking over every corner in our country. Order yourself a Tall-Nonfat-No Whip-White Chocolate Mocha. Go to Starbucks. Now. Get yourself one and see if you don't like it! (BTW, I'm also a fan of locally owned coffee shops too! (mmm...Mocha Josie, anyone?!)

September 15, 2007

Thank Goodness for Grandmas!

Wow, what a day! Wilson woke up way too early for a Saturday and was in a MOOD. We had hours until we were supposed to be at Madelyn's 10am soccer game and Andy was already off to be ready for the youth yardsale. Wilson was getting very angry at his toys for not doing what he wanted them to do. He was also getting upset with Luke for no reason. No matter what I said to him he just wouldn't calm down. So, what did I do? Called my mom!

Me: Hey mom, what are you doing today?
Mom: Going to Madelyn's game, grocery, and watching the game tonight.
Me: So Wilson is needing a little Gramma time, he is in a MOOD!
Mom: Well he can come home with me after the game for a while. We'll go to my school and play the drums.
*** a few hours into the visit with Grandma**
Mom: Hey, just checking in. Didn't want you to worry. We've been busy. Wilson's just not ready to come home yet.
Me: Ok! Sure, 6:15 is fine!

Wilson went home with Grandma and Grandpa and had a GREAT day! They went to mom's school so he could play the drums, he shopped at the school's book fair and got lots of attention. They read, watched a movie, and cooked. She called to check in a couple times and kept telling me "he's not ready to come home yet." So he didn't come back home until 6:30, just in time for dinner. He was a wonderful boy at Grandma's with a good attitude. As soon as he got home he was back to acting the way he did this morning. He didn't want to eat. He didn't want to take a bath. He screamed throughout the whole bath as Andy and I held him down and washed him. He was soo tired. And we had him in bed at 8pm. Hopefully after a good nights sleep he'll be in a better mood. It was a rough day and he was gone for the whole middle chunk of the day!

While he was gone I crashed during Luke's nap. I knew I was tired but I didn't realize how tired. Then after the update of "he's still not ready to come home, he's being so good and helpful (!)" I decided I needed to get some work done. So the house is straightened, the laundry is started, the sheets are changed, the dishes are washed, etc. Clean house, rested mama, and Wilson had a super time getting some much needed grandparent lovin'. Now, when do they start spending the night at Grandma's??!!

September 14, 2007

Not much going on...

There just hasn't been much to post about lately! We've been busy! School is still all consuming (when will it not be?) and Andy is busy getting youth back into the Fall swing of things. Wilson is going to school 3 days a week and Luke is keeping busy with helping daddy at work and playing lots!

The boys are doing fine. We did have a pretty bad biting incident last Sunday. I stepped out of the living room into the kitchen and immediately heard Luke screaming. Wilson had bitten him so hard he broke the skin. It was awful. Luke was crying so hard and I had to take Wilson to his room for time (and the a spanking after I calmed Luke down) out and the put ice on Luke's back where he was bitten. Wilson never bit until he somehow learned it from Luke. Not sure how Luke knew about biting! Anyway, Luke still has an awful spot on his back from the bite. It is pitiful. Tonight, Wilson threw a Lego at him and he has a swollen spot on his upper lip. It was only a few weeks ago that Will threw a sippy cup at Luke and he had a bruise on his face. Clearly Wilson is having some issues. We deal with them the best we can. He is such an intense little guy. Any suggestions? Do tell! As I mentioned here, in John Rosemond's recent article he says if you want children to get along, make them share a room. Andy and I would like to try it in January when Luke can move to a big bed. Spankings, time outs, and taking toys away just haven't been enough.
Tonight we had a very delicious dinner eating some of our most recent farm fresh veggies. We had hoppin' john and okra (sooo good!) Wilson ate an entire cucumber and I had a few strips of fresh red pepper which was also sooo good! The okra and red pepper just tasted better than they ever do from Wal-Mart! We also got acorn squash, zuchinni, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and swiss chard. The farm is having a potluck and harvest tour for the CSA members in October. I think it would be fun to take the boys to the farm. We'll see.
About two weeks ago I started re-reading Harry Potter. I had read books 1-3 several years ago and just never finished because I forgot too much of the story. I've now read and finished book one and went to rent the movie tonight but it was already gone. It'll have to wait! I really enjoyed the first book (again) and have already started book 2. If you haven't read them, you should! I read right before I go to sleep, when the house is quiet :) and often fall asleep while reading so it might take me a while to get through the rest of the series!
Happy Birthday to Heather, Jenn, and Erin!
* Have you ever tried the Betty Crocker Brownies with cookie topping? You totally should! I made them for my small group Wednesday to celebrate Heather's b-day and we thought they were delicious. (Don't remind Andy that I was a little disapointed when he couldn't find the type of brownie I requested! These were WAY better- don't worry, I gave him credit!)

September 6, 2007

Shiny White Teeth!

Wilson had his first teeth cleaning yesterday and he did incredibly well! He has been to the dentist before with Andy and I many times. He had his first official appointment about 6 months ago and screamed the whole time, so we decided to wait until the next visit to clean the teeth. That visit was more a consultation on his mouth problems (over bite, cross bite, small palate...). He did well, after growling at the dental assistant who cleaned his teeth! Yes, you read that right! He did growl once at her out of fear. It was soo funny! I held his hands the whole time and talked to him. The woman that cleaned his teeth was wonderful. So nice, and kept talking to him the whole time too. When the dentist came over to look at his teeth, the first words out of his mouth were "serious orthodontics later". Yikes! So I asked him if anything had self-corrected in the past 6 months (he had told us back then that might be a possibility) but, nope, it hasn't. So, good news is, I can just add the boys to my dental insurance this fall during open enrollment. He said there is nothing we need to do now to begin fixing the problems. He mentioned the age 6, so it seems we have a little time. Wilson's mouth is very narrow and small so his palate is going to have to be stretched (?) or whatever they do. Anyway, we go back in March and Luke is going to get his teeth cleaned then for his first time too!

September 3, 2007

Drummer Boy

Watchout! It seems we may have a future drumline member in our family. If you've been in a high school band, you know why I said watchout! Wilson loves to drum. We are trying to encourage his interest in other musical instruments as well, to maybe guide him into choosing something other than percussion! (Is that wrong?!) He has toy drums, coffee can drums, and other toys he uses as drums. He has a whole set-up he created when he was borrowing the Celtic Woman DVD from my mom. I've talked to Santa Claus and I know he's getting some new bongo drums for Christmas (shhh, don't tell!) He also wants a guitar and I think my parents are getting him that.
Our vegetable basket this past week had one of my favorites, okra! Luke even liked the okra! We also got tomatoes (red and green), cucumbers, squash, zuchinni, brussel sprouts, onions, and red pepper. I did try the brussel sprouts last night (while Andy was at work!). I don't think I'd ever eaten them before. I made them, and ate them but I wouldn't buy them. I did better with them than I did with the eggplant. I made the eggplant a few weeks ago and took one bite and just couldn't eat it. Getting all of these fresh vegetables has been fun, trying new things. Andy even admitted he's glad I encourage him to try new things (like squash- he won't touch some of these veggies with a 10 foot pole!). I'm really glad to be sharing the basket with my sister, mom, and maw-ma though because there is no way my family could eat everything each week. I already feel pressure not to let the veggies we get go to waste!!

September 2, 2007

The Joys of a 3 Day Weekend!

Ahhh...a 3 day weekend. Just alleviates so much stress! I feel like I have all the time in the world this weekend! We've been busy though. Friday I went to Culver's for an after school ice-cream social. We went to just hang out for a while, great turn-out and the Twix Swirl icecream was soo good!

Wilson and I went to my school for a little while on Saturday to pick up something I'd forgotten. He had such a good time we ended up staying for over an hour. I didn't mind because I got some stuff done while he played and worked! I did lots of birthday shopping for September birthdays as well. I went to the Half Price Bookstore & Joseph Beth and got my niece, Meghan several of my old favorites (BabySitters Club, Harriet the Spy, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Hatchet, Anne of Green Gables & Little House in the Big Woods). She is an avid reader and found out today that she has read most of them already! Anyway this made me reminisce of all the books I read as a child and went to my mom's house today to get all of my old books. Wilson and I went during Luke's nap so we stayed to visit and left with maybe around 200-300 books. I have a bag full for my classroom, 4 bags for Meghan to go through, and 2 bags to take to the Half Price Bookstore to sell. It was fun to see all the old books Cara and I read! (over 50 were The Baby-Sitter's Club!)

Luke's room is slowly turning into more of his room rather than his room/our old office. Andy and I moved out our big bookcase last weekend. Today I bought him his own little bookcase and we're moving all the board books off Will's bookcase into Luke's room. I'd love to buy him a small dresser for his clothes and get rid of the changing table. I have a cedar chest I wish we could move out of his room but there is no where to put it in our current house. We're bursting at the seams! The only possibility would be moving it into the living room under the windows (which I really don't want to do). I did read on John Rosemond's website that if you want your children to get along, have them share a room! I suggested to Andy that when Luke moves out of the crib maybe we should try that idea!!

Today we went to church and out to eat to celebrate Meghan's 10th birthday, which is tomorrow! It was fun. Speaking of birthdays, last night I dreamed that I totally forgot Will's birthday and went through the entire day and Andy reminded me in the evening that it was Will's birthday. I remember being sooo upset that I hadn't remembered or made a cake. When I woke up from the dream in the middle of the night I was really upset and thought to myself "you have never forgotten his birthday and you never will..." I've been having a really hard time remembering things lately, my mind is just in a fog or something. AHHH, now I'm even dreaming about it!

Tomorrow we might go swimming and then we're having a Labor Day cookout at my maw-ma's. Really looking forward to that! I have a couple miscellaneous pictures I want to post!

This first one is a flashback to Madelyn's 4th birthday party! Jason and Cara rented a jumpy thing and my family had sooo much fun jumping in it after the party ended!

The next picture is in CELEBRATION of Caroline's new food: EGGS!!! Yippeee, she passed the food challenge on eggs this year! Caroline, you spunky thing, you just keep right on outgrowing those awful allergies, girl!! We love you!!