July 27, 2012

My tailbone :(

Refresh your memory on this injury. It has come back to haunt me numerous times in the past two years. I guess you could say it flares up from time to time...nice how we're talking about my rear end. Anyway. Long car rides = achy tail bone. That has been the most common recurrence. Recently, (last 6 months) it was bothering me so much I asked about it when I was at the doctor. My options were slim. A waffle cushion for car rides, an x-ray, or Physical therapy (which I gather from her brief description that it is unpleasant for the PT and the patient- no more info for you there). I didn't do the x-ray that day because I didn't think I needed to have an x-ray done on a 2 year old injury. She said it could have even turn into arthritis...now that makes me feel old! Who wants arthritis in their butt?? So now if I say my tail bone is bothering me Andy laughs and asks me if a front in moving in. Quite comical indeed!

I've been running for the last 7 weeks about 3 times a week. Mostly on the treadmill due to hot temps. This past week I had run twice outside. The other night my tailbone hurt so much. Ibuprofen didn't help the pain and I was taking as much as I could. I sat on the heating pad and slept horribly the first night because of the pain I was in. I obviously didn't run for 3 days and kept taking the ibuprofen. Yesterday I was mostly pain free. I ran today on the treadmill and did fine during the run. It is a little sore now but I'm really hoping that I can keep running.

I will stick to running on a treadmill if that is what it takes. Lesson learned.  Getting older sucks.

Dark Chocolate - Cherry - Coconut Granola

YUM. I had bookmarked this recipe ages ago. I was a little unsure of the coconut but went ahead and added it anyway. This granola is delicious. I ate it plain and mixed into greek yogurt for breakfast. I had gotten a HUGE brick of dark chocolate from a co-worker at the end of May. She had received it as a gift from a student and didn't want it. It's been in the freezer since then.

I saw dried cherries at one of my recent visits to our new Trader Joes and picked them up. With two of the ingredients on hand I had to make this granola! Follow the link for the recipe. I left the flax seed out this time but will add it in the future. I wanted to make sure we liked the granola and would be making it again before I bought it. This granola base is so good- you could mix any any combo of nuts and dried fruits that you like. But this mix is delicious! It makes a lot of granola...

Also I baked mine for 20-25 minutes to dry it out a little more. I think I used 1 1/2 cups of dried cherries and it was plenty. I thought there was a lot of chocolate in there so I might reduce it to 6 oz next time.

July 22, 2012

Two new favorites!

Product Details 
I'm having fun watching Cake Boss with Andy after the boys go to bed. They make some crazy cakes! We are enjoying our new Netflix subscription. Andy is working his way through Lost.

The Language of Flowers: A Novel

This is a wonderful book. I really loved reading this one. So very good!

July 19, 2012

Trip to Tennessee

 Ty & Rori

 Captain Luke!

 Lily & Luke

 Wilson jumping in the lake!

 Luke's jump!
 Working on my tan. Don't worry- I jumped in several times too!

 Wilson at the pool.

 Ty watching from the sidelines but NOT missing out on the action!

 Wilson & Sarah Beth. He loves his baby cousins!

The SCARY tree house. Craziness! I made it half way up and came down to wait for the others. Yikes!

Summer Continued!

Summer rocks. What can I say? We have had some HOT days where the boys and I had to stay inside. But otherwise we've hit the pool a lot, I've been running regularly, and the boys have a great chore routine! Overall, life is good! This week we are doing Vacation Bible School. All three boys get to participate this year which is great! I help with the preschool VBS and that is going well. Wilson is in the Mad Science Camp and Luke is in soccer camp. They are loving it!

I've had some fun with my friends meeting at the pool with our kids, having lunch together, etc. I miss my sister terribly. This is her first summer to be working full time and I'm not seeing her like I usually do in the summer. We used to meet at the pool a lot. I. Miss. Her.

Our family took a trip to Crossville, TN to meet up with Andy's side of the family. We stayed at a Fairfield Resort and each had our own mini town home. We spent a day on the lake with a pontoon boat, went to a SCARY tree house, swam at the pool, saw the best fireworks show I've ever seen, and had lots of fun together! It was a great getaway. I'll post more pictures separately. I also got to meet my newest niece, Sarah Beth. She is precious.

Last week our family drove up to Ohio to shop at Ikea. We made a day of it and went to Keehner Park for hiking. We shopped at IKEA and then had icecream for our first time at UDF. YUM! It was a great day.
The boys wanted to play in the kids area so Andy and I had an hour to shop alone! Much easier!

We bought the two tall bookcases and a sofa table.
I love them! I had a lot of fun buying things to set on the bookcases too! 

Some new recipes!

I keep meaning to update but we are staying busy this summer! I've tried several new recipes and some are keepers.

Stuffed Peppers Enchiladas- These were delicious to me...they are stuffed with quinoa, black beans, diced green chilies, cheese, and drizzled in enchilada sauce. Andy liked the filling but didn't so much care for them in the peppers. I have since made the quinoa filling as a side to go with honey lime grilled chicken. I like scooping the quinoa up with tortilla chips. Yum!

Lemon Dessert- This was so good! I have made this with chocolate pudding countless times (aka Mountain Mama Mudslide, one of Andy's faves) but wanted to try the lemon for summer. It was delicious! I want to make it again!

Homemade Oatmeal Creme Pies-  Oh Yes I Did! I saw this pin and had to make them for my dad. Growing up oatmeal creme pies were always in the cookie jar.  The cookies were delicious. They were thin which was good when you are stacking two with frosting. Dad thoroughly enjoyed these as did the boys. I didn't actually eat one made into a pie. I did try a bite of one with frosting and they were good! Loved the plain oatmeal cookie though.

Ranch Potatoes-  So I actually changed this recipe more than I realized. The link is Zesty Italian Potatoes. But at the grocery I was thinking Ranch...so I bought a packet of the powder ranch dressing. After cubing the potatoes and dumping them in a large ziploc bag I drizzled some olive oil on them. Then sprinkled the ranch powder on. I baked them at 400 for about 30-40 minutes until they were done. YUM! I've made this at least 3 times...didn't add parmesan cheese either. They don't need it!