March 27, 2012

Beach Shrimp

We had a great dinner tonight from Pinterest. You can find the original pin here. I reduced the recipe and used frozen shrimp. It was still delicious. Can't imagine how good it would be with fresh shrimp! My slightly modified version is below!

Beach Shrimp

1 1/2 pounds frozen shrimp (deveined, peeled, raw, no tail)
1 lemon, halved
1/8 cup fresh parsley
1 clove garlic, minced
8 oz italian dressing
3 Tbs butter, cubed

Pour dressing into 9x13 pan. Sprinkle in 1 minced clove of garlic. Place frozen shrimp in pan. Stir around so shrimp are covered in dressing. Squeeze juice of lemon over top of shrimp. Sprinkle parsley and butter on top of shrimp. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until shrimp are pink. There was no temperature in the original recipe (see link above) so I baked mine at 350. This would be enough for 3 adults.

Slightly modified from: The Inspired Collection Blog

March 24, 2012

My Boys

-I took the boys to see The Lorax last weekend. We all enjoyed it. Cute movie!
- Ty is very interested in coloring right now. The other night he was at the table coloring and he yelled at one of his brothers "you're messing up my progress!". I started laughing immediately that our 3 1/2 year old used the word progress. Today he was talking about all the projects he needed to do after my mom bought him a couple $1 crafts at Michael's.
- got Wilson & Luke haircuts today. They look so handsome! Wilson wanted his cut short. I love it!
- Tyler got new shoes. He was very concerned about not getting to wear his favorite red shoes but thankfully the talking tree had a pair of tennis shoes in extra wide in his size with some red on them. We only had 2 choices. :) I keep thinking he is going to outgrow the extra wide status bu he hasn't yet!
- Wilson is working on a project for school. He had to choose an organism to complete a project on. He chose a German shepherd. We worked on getting supplies for his costume today. He is excited.
- everyone is still healthy!! Thank goodness!!

March 22, 2012


So. When life gets overwhelming I tend to turtle-up. It's the only way I know to describe what I do without even realizing. This week I realized I've gone in shut down mode lately. There has just been too many things going on in my life, the boys' lives, & my friends' lives. So unfortunately I've kind of been hiding out. Not always good at sharing my feelings. But I'm sticking my head out of the shell and seeing if it is ok to come out!

After TWO MONTHS of sickness (seriously at least 1 out of 5 has been sick until this week) we are in the clear. Oh what was that noise you ask? Just me knocking on wood. Wilson was diagnosed with an ear infection less than a week ago but he is feeling better.

My house is a train wreck. I've done some work obviously as has Andy but not enough. But it is so overwhelming with a big house, 3 messy boys, & 1 messy me that I don't know where to even start. I'll clean a room only to turn around and it be a mess again the same day or very next day.

Tyler is doing well at peeing in the potty he is terrified of pooping in the potty. Don't have any more ideas on that one.

Wilson has been very difficult. What's new. School transitions have been very hard as well as completing homework. Just call me mom/teacher of the year. I received a formal letter about his attendance and how I've already used 6/10 parent excused absences. I tell you, the boy has been sick!!

I've been so tired with no energy but am having trouble getting to bed before 10:30. Partly because Ty no longer wants to go to bed at bedtime. He keeps getting up and out of bed. Or if I try sitting next to him to wait for him to fall asleep it can take forever. Very frustrating.

I re-read Hungeer Games book 1 this week. Still so so good. Please tell me you have read it! Andy finally decided he would give them a try and he is on book 3. He is really enjoying them.

When your 3 1/2 year old says "I need to read a chapper of Mr. Incredible" you know he has older brothers!! My baby wants us to read him a chapter book! So cute!!

March 7, 2012

I Called

So I finally called the psychiatrist. Why was this so hard? I wanted to call. I knew I needed to call. We have an appointment scheduled for the end of this month. So now it is done. I spoke to the psychiatrist on the phone this evening. She seems very nice. Our first appointment will be at least 2 hours so she can get an understanding of our situation, meet our guy, and answer our questions. I'm looking forward to meeting with her and hopefully getting some help/answers.

March 5, 2012

Snow Day!

We finally got a snow day on March 5th! How crazy! On Friday we were released 2 hours early from school due to severe weather/tornadoes. Several touched down in our state but thankfully not in our area. We were in our basement waiting out the storms but praise the Lord we are safe!  Today we have 5 inches of snow on the ground. So exciting!! The boys and I went out and played in the snow. We went sledding, painted the snow with colored water in squirt bottles, and had fun!

Wilson isn't feeling good and Ty wasn't so sure he liked the snow so we didn't stay out too long. I had fun sledding too!

 Ty all bundled up.

Luke ready to sled.
 Wilson, Caroline, & Madelyn...none looking at camera!

I updated the chicken tortilla soup recipe here...apparently I didn't know what an anaheim pepper looked like!

I updated the 20 in 2012 post here.