October 30, 2007

Halloween Meme

1. What's the scariest movie you have ever seen?
Hmmm...I don't like scary movies at all. I remember being really scared during Arachnophobia at a slumber party in the 6th grade. I also remember my dad and sister watching a Chuckie movie that I walked through the living room and was soo scared I had to stay in my room upstairs. I've pretty much avoided scary movies ever sense. Plus I remember a scene from Ptoltergeist that my dad was watching once.
2. What was your favorite Halloween costume from childhood?
My homemade Cheerios box that my dad made and painted for me. It. was. cool.
3. If you had an unlimited budget, what would your fantasy costume be for this Halloween?
I'm thinking a flapper- with a wig, fringe, gloves, heels, etc.
4. When was the last time you went trick or treating?
Me personally? No idea. With Wilson, last Halloween.
5. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Twix, Kit Kat
6. Tell us about a scary nightmare you had.
They never sound scary when you explain them to someone else. I still remember a nightmare I had when I was young. I won't go into details but we were at a family friends' house and it involved horses. I think I was on one and couldn't get it to stop. I couldn't get off or something. I woke up because my mom came in and woke me from the dream. She said she heard me upset from her room. I was sweaty. Maybe I had a fever or something. It was bad!
7. What is your Supernatural fear?
I don't have any because I don't let myself think about scary things!!
8. What is your creep-crawly fear?
Big spiders. I can handle the teeny tiny ones. I hate big ones.
9. Tell us about the time you saw a ghost. Or heard something go bump in the night.
I don't believe in ghosts. Although you should ask Mimi and Poppy about their visitor when we were in Gatlinburg! They swear they felt someone walk past their bed in the middle of the night in Gatlinburg - but none of us did.
10. Would you ever stay in a haunted house overnight?
NO WAY!!!!
11. Are you a traditionalist Jack 'O' Lantern carver or do you get creative?
Very traditionalist. Though Andy is very creative- you should see the Pirate pumpkin in the Gatlinburg post! He does great with pumpkin carving.
12. How much do you decorate your house for Halloween?
We have one tub in the attic we pull down. Not much- a few decorative pumpkins, a cute candy corn pumpkin that holds a candle, always pumpkins on the porch.
13. What do you want on your tombstone?
Not even going to think about this one!

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged. Write a Halloween Meme and let us get to know you better!!

October 23, 2007

Cobin Lag (aka Log Cabin)

So, our family traveled to Gatlinburg for Fall break! We stayed in a Log Cabin. Wilson called it a Cobin Lag for about 2 weeks before we went and the whole time we were there (even though we always refered to it as the Cabin or the Log Cabin!). It was so much fun. We drove a caravan there with Erin, Stephanie, and Danny. Of course all 7 kids were with us too! We met up with Andy's parents and sister in Gatlinburg. We had an awesome cabin that had 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a hot tub, pool table, 7 TVs, a game table and many other nice amenities. A lot of fun was had by all! The caravan left early on Thursday and arrived in Gatlinburg around 2pm. We stopped to shop at the outlet malls and then checked in for our cabin around 5pm. When we got there I made a big pot of chili and we hung out and had fun. On Friday we just enjoyed seeing Mimi, Poppy and Aunt Katie. We went out to dinner and to ride Go-Carts! Wilson rode the go-carts twice with his daddy. Boy, did he love that! The kids rode some other rides as well. Luke really did not want to ride anything. He kept saying "no" in the cutest voice. I did get him on the Merry Go Round and after crying for a couple minutes, he had fun.
On Saturday the girls went shopping some more and out for pizza while the guys and big kids went hiking. We met back up at the cabin for the UK game and more hanging out! Each family carved a pumpkin with the kids (Wilson's idea was a Pirate!) and then got the kids in their halloween costumes so they could trick or treat with Mimi. We lit the pumpkins and roasted the pumpkin seeds. Fun! That night we played Texas Hold 'Em which was lots of fun. It was a perfect hot tub night too! The next morning Dan and Carol had to leave pretty early so we all got up and went for a pancake breakfast before the rest of us packed up the cabin to head home. It was a great time. :) A slide show is coming soon!

October 22, 2007

It's been 10 years! Can you believe it?!

Yeah. It is true. I had my 10 year high school reunion a few weeks ago. It was a little unreal. It was weird going back and seeing people. And to be quite honest, I kept having to ask Sarah and Jana who people were. I recognized some people but had forgotten their name. Some people I had totally forgotten and don't know if I ever even knew them! Then there were those whom I remembered names and faces. The best part was catching up with Jana & John, Sarah, and Tricia. Andy came with me. We only went to the dinner on Saturday evening. There was a group that met on Friday night and then on Saturday afternoon but we decided on the dinner. Which was a little disapointing because other people I wish I could have seen had just gone to one of the other events, so we missed each other. Anyway, the dinner was at a nice hotel, buffet style. There were only 6 round tables, so clearly there wasn't a huge crowd. We mingled, ate, mingled and some danced. It was neat to see people again. But oh mah gosh it has been 10 years! I have to say I am very happy with my life 10 years out of high school!

October 15, 2007

Pancakes, Pancakes!

So funny, had to tell you about it! Wilson was sitting at the desk this afternoon and my cookbook was out from planning this week's menu. He flipped it open and said "Hmm.. what's for dinner tonight?" He flipped through some pages "pancakes or (something else can't remember), let's have pancakes for dinner!" I had actually planned tortilla soup - but whatever! So right now Andy and Wilson are making a delicious pancake dinner with sausage. I did help. I cut up a melon from our last farm fresh veggie basket! My boys ALL love pancakes. I enjoy pancakes every now and then. But I usually have to be talked into having breakfast for dinner. I just said ok and thanked Wilson for helping plan tonight's dinner!

October 11, 2007


Wondering what Wilson is into right now? Lots! He loves trains, especially building tracks with his daddy. He loves to build with legos and drive cars and trucks around the house. He loves bulldozers and dump trucks and any large machines. He tells me to slow down when I'm driving and he sees a construction crew. He loves garbage trucks and fire trucks too. He is in to so many different things right now! Wilson is a drummer too, but you already knew that. He loves guitars and can name many instruments when he sees pictures of them. He loves green tea (crystal light caffeine free!) and snacks. He eats lots of bananas and loves to help cook dinner. He likes to play on pbskids.com and to color, cut and glue (he cut a small section of his hair for the first time last week. But he is a boy, with short hair so it isn't noticeable!). He is helpful- he empties the trashcans in the bathrooms and bedrooms- and thinks it is fun! He likes yard work- raking, and picking up sticks. He loves his cousins and aunts a lot and hates to see his mommy go to work. He can't wait to go to school with me! He wants his daddy and I to "squeeze and scratch like Mimi did" when we put him to bed. I have to sing one of the songs I made up for him too. Yes, his daddy sings to him as well. He says the cutest things still too. He was bonnecting some elephants earlier (connecting) and he likes to build our church out of his legos. How did I get so lucky? Yes, there are hard days, but man, my boys mean the WORLD to me. I love them!

October 7, 2007

Big Boy!

Luke has something to tell you- he is growing up to be such a big boy! He is talking so much. He loves to read and really likes to play trains and legos now. Just look at the changes we've made in his room! It is a big boy room now although he is still in a crib.

This is the new chest I found for $25. I was driving over to my sister's and saw this at a yard sale. I don't generally go to yard sales but ended up going back to look at it later that day, and it is working perfectly for all of Luke's clothes!

Here is Luke's new bookcase. We moved all the board books off of Wilson's bookcase and put them in Luke's room. He loves to read now! Sure makes his momma proud!

And here is his all time favorite book right now -- Choo Choo! He insists upon reading it EVERY night! It is really worn out as it was also a favorite of Wilson's! Luke doesn't care, he loves it anyway. It is a lift the flap book and he really knows what is under each flap!

Luke now has a mouthful of teeth. I think just 4 more to go. He likes to dance, he is so sweet and still a momma's boy. Luke is pretty sensitive too but he can fight back when he needs to! He does not like pot roast or vegetables... but he loves chocolate milk, juice, cheese, crackers, and on and on!! We're still working on the whole vegetable thing. :)

October 2, 2007

To the Pumpkin Patch we go!

(Make sure to hover your mouse over the pics to read the captions!) We had a great time at the orchard on Saturday! Stephanie, Meghan, Lily and Trey all went too. We found a perfect pumpkin to carve and Wilson and Luke each got a smaller pumpkin of their own too. Then we played! Luke and Trey rode a train. Wilson played in the sand and climbed hay mountains. It was a blast! After a snack and listening to the live music we were ready to leave. It took a little convincing on Will's part. He realized there were lots of fun things to do other than the sand!! We were really worn out by the time we got home. We bought some fresh apple donuts to take home- boy were they good on Sunday morning!