September 30, 2008

Ty's Stats

At his 2 week appointment Ty was 21 1/4 inches which is in the 63%ile.
He was 10 lbs 5 oz which is in the 84%ile.

At 2 weeks Wilson was 8 lbs 5 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.
At 2 weeks Luke was 9 lbs 9 oz and 21 1/4 inches long.

It's a good thing I got my tubes tied cause if there was a baby #4 it would be like 11 lbs at 2 weeks!!

September 29, 2008

2 Week Check-Ups

Tyler's Appointment
Ty was a whopping 10 lbs 5 ozs at the doctor today! They weighed him on the same scale they did last time (he was 9lbs on Sept. 17th). At 2 weeks old, the goal is for a new baby to be back up to their birth weight. Way to go Ty! He is a whole pound above his birthweight. Dr. I. is referring us to a dermatologist to check on his face. When Ty was born the right side of his face was very pink compared to the left side. It still is, especially when he cries, grunts, or gets mad. We're thinking it might end up being a birth mark. The placenta was up on his cheek in many of the ultrasound pics throughout the pregnancy so I don't know if that has something to do with it or not.

My Appointment
Was pretty uneventful but I can drive! I ventured out on my own with Ty for both appointments and we did really well. Stephanie loaned me her stroller which is smaller than mine and I left it set up in the van. So I just unstrapped Ty from his carseat and pulled out the stroller and strapped him in that. It worked (since I can't carry the carseat!). My appointment today was just to check my incision site and make sure it was healing well. I can take the steri strips off now as well. I go back in 4 weeks for another check-up. Dr. S. said when she performed the c-section I was still only dilated 1 cm and that Ty wasn't even down in the birthing canal. She said she really didn't think his shoulders would have fit in my pelvis, that my body might not have gone in to labor on it's own. Crazy! Especially considering how easily Wilson and Luke were for me during delivery.

Ty was a trooper today and I fed him in both the OB room I was in and then fed him in his doctor room. Then we went and picked Wilson up at school with Andy. Wilson wanted to stay at church with Andy so then I came home, ate lunch, and watched 2 epidsodes of Friends before napping. It was a good day!

September 28, 2008

Play-doh Cookies

Will is making cookies out of play-doh. They are made with bubblegum, soy milk, and chocolate. We don't even drink soy milk!!

Life with hard!!

What's wrong with me? I'm grumpy with Andy (he's grumpy with me too though). The big boys are driving me crazy with fighting, whining, and getting in trouble. Last night they were so bad at bedtime that today they have lost treats, toys, and tv. They can play outside, have art time, Wilson is playing on his laptop, etc. so there is still plenty for them to do but dealing with the whining..AHHH!!! Being a good parent is hard! No wonder parents give in to their kids all the time. It would make life so much easier (but then I'd be raising some terrors!). I'm glad we're going what we're doing but it's just making for a rough day. Thankfully we were gone to church for a while this morning! And the tiredness's awful. And I'm sleeping- still taking a nap every day for at least an hour. It's just all the waking up at night which is wearing me down. Ty thinks he needs to be held all night to sleep and that's just not working out! So when I try to lay him down he cries. Last night I was up from 4am-5am. Every night there is an hour window where I'm up with him. And that makes the morning so hard. I am doing pretty well pain wise. Ran out of motrin and so I'm just a little sore on my left side where they tied the stiches or something. I can't remember the explanation Dr. S. gave me- something about 1 side being more sore because of the surgery. It's been the left side all along. I know I need to be positive but I'm just not feeling it right now so I'm letting it out here on my blog. I'm happy, I love my family and my boys are precious. But life is hard right now! I know it can only get easier. As of tomorrow I'll at least be able to drive again. Still no heavy lifting (meaning nothing heavier than Ty) so that's still a no no. Can't lift the carseat! Hopefully Ty and I will have good 2 week checkups at our appointments tomorrow. To end on a positive note, things I'm grateful for:
* All of our friends and family who are helping take care of us! My sister and Jason (who came and helped me and the 3 boys get to Wilson's game yesterday) , my mom (who came to the game yesterday and helped me last Saturday around the house) and dad (who took Wilson to and from school on Friday and brought us soup), Holly (who picked Luke up for school on Friday and brought both boys home), Heather (for her encouraging words, dinner, and offers to help), Kathryn (who brought us dinner), Kathy (who brought us dinner), my grandparents who have come over and helped me with the!!
* I survived 4 hours alone with all 3 boys yesterday!
* I made it to Wilson's t-ball games this weekend!
* I was able to go to small group on Wednesday!
Gotta go make the grocery list, we have no food in the house!!

September 24, 2008

Our new picture!

Remember this post where I talked about our new piece of 'artwork' we were getting framed? Well Andy picked it up last week and we love it! See what you think! It is a picture of light shining through trees...

September 23, 2008

I'm Hooked...

On the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer that is. The books are so good! But when I tell Andy about them they sound so dumb!! You have to read it to understand!! I've finished Twilight and New Moon. Now I'm reading the manuscript online of Edward's telling of Twilight. I'm about 1/2 way done. These books suck you in, they are so good! My friend Jenn, who got me hooked is bringing by book 3 today! The books are long but they are fast reads...unless you are sleep deprived and fall asleep everytime you try to read. I was skeptical at first but as I've kept reading I found myself enjoying them more and more!

September 20, 2008

Hospital Visitors

We had many wonderful visitors at the hospital! Not everyone is pictured, sorry! Thank you to everyone who has helped with meals, visits, watching the big brothers, moral support, and gifts for Ty. We definitely couldn't raise our boys without your support! Lots of love, Andy and Alyssa

Random Updates

*Yesterday was my first day WITHOUT pain medicine!
*I actually felt like a normal person with the exception of extreme sleep deprivation.
*I even helped load the dishwasher and was able to pick up/put away a few things in the house.
*Luke's MRI is scheduled for October 20th. Please pray that this is just a precautionary measure to let us know that he is healthy without any CNS problems.
*Please pray for me- I already have the panicky feeling of "HOW in the world am I going to go back to work full time and still be a mom of THREE boys?" Life is very overwhelming for me right now and I'm not even dealing with the stress of school. And that is a lot of stress. Just go read my teammate's blogs that are still there working everyday (but Sunday!). I'm about to burst into tears just typing this. I'm at the point where (and I've been there with each of by precious babies) I can't imagine leaving Ty for the whole day. How will he survive without his mama? (and YES, I know he will but that is how I feel).
*Andy had a Youth Lock-In last night, he was already sleep deprived, pray for him.

C-Section Part III

Ok, last update on this. Ty is one week old yesterday and everything my body went through was totally worth it! I forgot to mention in the Part 2 that Ty was circumcised, had his picture made, and passed his hearing test! Oops! Click the link to be directed to the hospital's website with his first picture!
Sunday morning we started another day, still sore but able to eat real food which was a bonus. Andy's dad planned to come by after church to visit and bring Panera for lunch. The morning was pretty good. I think we took a walk in the hallway and by walk we grandma paced down the hallway past a few rooms and turned around. At this point I hadn't even gotten to change Ty's diaper or pick him up out of his bassinet b/c it was too hard to stand up. Andy would hand him to me and I held him a lot and fed him a lot etc. Dan showed up with lunch and we were eating and visiting. I got really hot and dizzy and wasn't feeling well. After a while I told Andy I thought I was going to get sick. Well it took me FORever to get out of bed so he just passed me this little plastic container in case I got sick. Well, I did. With Dan in there. At least it was in the bowl. We visited a little longer and I still wasn't feeling well. The nurse came to check on me and told me it was probably the pain medicine causing me to feel this way. The hospital had also lost power at this point so we were hanging out in the dark, thankfully next to a window which let a lot of light in. I was resting and Andy went to put the rest of my lunch in the fridge down the hall. He made sure I was feeling well. I had Ty on my right side and I was laying in bed. As soon as he walked out of the room I felt like I was going to get sick again. There was nothing I could do. Couldn't get out of bed by myself, didn't have anything to throw up into on the bed, and couldn't yell out after him because it hurt to speak loudly in my incision area. So I turned my head to the left and threw up all over my arm, the bed, etc several times. It. was. so. gross. I started crying and Andy walked in. He said "what happened? I thought you were feeling better?" So then he called for the nurse and they got me out of the bed, undressed and put me in the shower. I have never felt so helpless before. There were two nurses in there me showering with the curtain open because there was no light and Andy telling me where to wash. It was definitely a low point. I felt so helpless. I had already showered that morning and it wasn't easy in my condition. I got so cold my teeth were chattering when I got out and they put me back in a hospital gown so I wouldn't get sick on anymore of my jammies. The bed was clean and I laid back down. I was put back on a clear liquid diet to go easy on my stomach for the rest of the day though they did let me eat a baked potato and a piece of bread at dinner. The power was out for about 7 hours. That was a rough day. Ty had a great day though and all I could think was how in the world am I going to go home tomorrow when I can't walk, am in a terrible amount of pain and keep getting dizzy? I was scared to go home. But ready at the same time.

Monday we woke up and the pediatrician and my OB came in and discharged us. I was feeling better but still a lot of pain. We walked up the hall and back, all the way to the elevator! Andy started packing up our things and then we had to wait. Later in the morning my nurse came and took out my staples which I had been dreading but it didn't really hurt. Just felt weird. She had a pile of staples THAT CAME OUT OF MY SKIN when she was done. I tried not to look. Then she put steri strips on that stay until my 2 week follow up visit. We got our picture order for Ty, paid our bill, talked to the lactation consultant etc. It was a busy morning and everyone showed up at the same time. Around 12-1ish we left. Thankfully Andy's Uncle Bill came up that morning and helped Andy load the car and get us to the car and everything. Ty was perfect the whole day! Then we got home and had a couple hours before my mom brought the boys home. Walked into the house and mom had CLEANED the WHOLE house!!!!! It was wonderful! She had done the laundry, dusted, vacummed, organized, washed dishes, the list goes on and on. AND she had watched the boys for 3 nights and 4 days. Mom, I hope you understand how much we appreciate all that you did for us while we were in the hospital. You are wonderful and we love you! There was a sign in the yard welcoming Ty, with his birthdate, weight, length, and name. It was good to be home but the chaos that insued when the boys were back!!! Wow. Andy has been wonderful in the whole process- taking care of me day and night at the hospital, doing everything but feeding Ty in the hospital, Coming home and taking care of me, the boys, and the house. He has been amazing, and again baby, I hope you understand how much I appreciate you and all the stuff you've put up with to take care of our family and keep it running. I love you! You've definitely seen me in my most vulnerable, helpless moments!!

September 18, 2008

C-Section Part II

So I'll pick up on Saturday, September 13th, the day after Tyler was born. After my catheter was out etc I was off bed rest. I ate a clear liquid diet again for breakfast and lunch. So at this point I hadn't eaten food since Thursday dinner and a handful of pretzels before I went to bed that night. The first time I got up to walk to the bathroom I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it. The nurse and Andy were helping me. By the time I was getting back into the bed tears were streaming because I was in so much pain. Later I repeated the whole thing and cried again because it hurt so badly. The pediatrician came in and updated us on Tyler, he was slightly jaundiced and dropped to 8lbs 13oz. When he was born his right cheek was really pink compared to his left cheek. I think it is because the placenta was up against his face in the womb. So we discussed the possibility of it being a birthmark etc. All morning...unitl 2PM we were waiting on the on call OB doctor, not my Dr. S. to come and say the IV could come out and I could eat real food. Finally showed up so out came the IV (hooray!) and then I got to eat a yummy sandwich Cara had brought me from Great Harvest. and the cookie! Cara came to visit at lunch time. The boys and mom had come to visit earlier in the morning and then mom took them to the children's museum. Heather, Holly, and Sarah came for a visit on Heather's b-day! My grandparents came, Stephanie came back so Meghan could meet Ty and later on David and Daniel came from church. That was about the gist of the day as far as I can remember. Tyler was eating great and sleeping and I was enjoying some HGTV at the hospital, just hating to get up because it hurt so bad. Crying baby calling, he's hungry. Day 3 brings a little more drama...stay tuned!

A FUN Breakfast for the Big Brothers!!

First Outing

Yesterday was a busy day for us. We dropped Wilson off at preschool at 9am. Then we dropped Luke off at Parent's Day Out. Then we headed to the doctor for Ty's first check up. He was up to 9 lbs, which means he had gained an ounce since we left the hospital. His jaundice hadn't increased either. He had a good visit and goes back when he is two weeks old. Next, we went back to Luke's school and picked him up for his eye appointment. Luke has been doing a weird blinking thing for a few weeks. When I had him at the doctor last week I asked about it and we were referred to a pediatric opthamologist. So off we went. They tested his vision and checked out his eyes etc. They are still a little dilated today! His vision is good and when we left we had eye drops (in case it has something to do with allergies) and a follow up appointment in 1 month. Our plan was to ignore the blinking but note how often, which sides, and when he does it. This morning the eye doctor called back and he had spoken to the pediatrician yesterday. They are both still concerned with what is causing this. The eye doctor seemed to think it was stress related. But now they want us to take the extra precautionary measure and have an MRI done to make sure it has nothing to do with his central nervous system. Apparently there is a type of epilepsy that can have this symptom... So now I need to call the doctor and get the MRI set up. I know he will have to be sedated. I'm a little worried but am trying to remember that I shouldn't worry until I know I have something to worry about. Hopefully this will just be one step further to make sure nothing is wrong. Anyway, the appointment went a little long and Andy ended up leaving to get Wilson while Luke's eyes were dilating and we were back in the waiting room. He took Ty since I can't handle both of them on my own yet. When he came back Luke and I were finished so it worked out fine. At this point we started loading up the van and Andy changed Ty's diaper. Tyler is a little stinker! He has this habit of pooping when you open his diaper to change him. Then, when you get the poop cleaned up and start applying the vaseline to his circumcision he decides to pee!! So Andy went through the last two diapers I had packed right then and he pooped again! (I packed 4 diapers! Now the bag has 8!!). At this point we were both worn out from the morning and I was in pain and Ty was wanting to eat. Little stressed... We went through McDonald's drive through and went home. Andy changed Ty's diaper again and then I fed him. Luke and I "picnicked" in the bed (he thought that was fun!) and then I took a nap with Luke and Ty. We survived our first outing - the rest of the day was much more relaxing.

September 16, 2008

C-Section Part I

I'm alive. And tired. And still in a lot of pain. Apparently sections combined with gettin your tubes tied = more pain. I'm kind of feeling my stiches as of Tuesday night/Wednesday. My brain is kind of foggy but I wanted to tell you more about Ty's big entrance into the world! (I started this post over 24 hours ago but am just now getting back to it!)

I actually got a pretty good night's sleep Thursday (September 11). I woke up Friday morning and took a shower. Constantly had to tell myself no breakfast, no water, NOTHING to eat or drink! It was hard! My mom came over and we left the house a little after 8. Got to the hospital right on time and checked in. It was super quick. Went over to labor and delivery unit and they sent us to the waiting room. After 45 minutes in the waiting room I sent Andy back to make sure they didn't forget about us. After another 10-15 minutes we were taken to the c-section prep room. I had to change into a hospital gown and climb into the bed. They started asking tons of questions and entering stuff in the computer. I got my IV and blood drawn, hospital bracelets on etc. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me about the spinal and Andy was given scrubs to put on. Then my doctor came in and made sure I was ready. Among the nurses, doctor, and anesthesiologist I think I was asked 100 times if we were sure I wanted my tubes tied. YES. I got a little emotional just a few minutes before they wheeled me back, it was scary and overwhelming. Then it was time. The nurse and I rolled down the hall, Andy wasn't allowed back yet. He went to tell the family in the waiting room to walk down near the baby nursery in about 10 minutes to see the baby. Then he went to get his scrubs on. Meanwhile in the operating room I was being given a spinal, hooked up to machines etc. I started getting really groggy. I was making myself stay awake but kept having to close my eyes. It was crazy how quickly I became numb from my toes to the top of my belly. I'd never been in an Operating Room before so I was looking around at everything. They had me on a table with my arms out like a T. Then Andy came in and sat right by my head. That was good. Next thing I knew they had started the c-section and I felt pulling and tugging but that was all. Then I heard "he's huge! Look at those cheeks!". Then crying! They lifted him up over the big blue sheet so I could see him and he dripped blood/fluid on my gown! He was precious. They took him over to monitor him etc and kept working on me. Andy got to carry him down the hall to the nursery and pass by the family. I was in the OR for a while. I was in and out and don't remember much of that part other than warm blankets. They asked again about getting my tubes tied (yes) and finally I was finished. My doctor wheeled me into the recovery room (same place I had been before) and Andy showed back up. He told me about Ty and how much he weighed (9lbs 5 oz), how long he was (19in) etc. I don't remember too many details. Then they brought him to me and I got to hold him and love on him and feed him. It was all worth it! Sometime later they came and got Tyler to go back to the nursery and we were taken to our own hospital room. I was on bedrest for 12 hours and on a clear liquid diet. When we got to the room my feet were tingling from the anesthesia. Andy kept poking my legs saying "Can you feel this?" he thought that was funny! I was given some medicine and chicken broth. We waited on Ty. Throughout the day I had more broth, jello, water, and cranberry juice. Tyler came to the room and was ready to eat again. My mom brought the boys up for a little visit. So good to see them and they were so excited to meet Ty and hold him. Later that night Stephanie, Danny, Trey, Lily and Dan came to visit. I was feeling pretty good. That night we got a little sleep, they had to keep coming in to give me medicine, check my BP, check my temperature, etc. They also had to come take Ty for his assessment. I had to sleep with some weird cuff like things on both calves to avoid blood clots. The next morning they came early for Ty to see the pediatrician and to take out my catheter. I'll save day 2 for the next post.

September 14, 2008

September 12, 2008

Tyler is Here!!!

Tyler arrived this morning at 10:55am by C-section. He was not as big as the last ultrasound estimated, but still a big boy at 9lbs 5ozs and 19inches long. Alyssa and Ty are both doing well.

September 11, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!

Just found out the results of my amnio from today- Ty's lungs are mature and ready to go! The amnio brought some new news- They started with an ultrasound and their measurements showed him weighing 10lbs 2 oz today. I can't wait to see how much he actually weighs because Monday he was 9lbs 1 oz. The perinatal doctor said he was concerned with Ty's measurements because there was a 1 in 5 chance that shoulder dystocia could occur. Meaning I might not be able to deliver his shoulders because of how big the measurements are- if this happened brain injury or nerve damage could occur. We felt (as did the dr) that 20% risk was too high so he said I had to have a c-section. He called my OB and she agreed. She'd already been concerned about this. So then he said I didn't have to do the amnio, that we could wait a week and schedule the c-section at 39 weeks. Andy and I decided to go ahead and have the amnio and schedule the c-section for tomorrow. My body can't handle this anymore and Ty just keeps getting bigger. Thankfully the lungs are ready so I have a scheduled c-section at 10:30. My mom is staying at our house this weekend to keep the boys so she is coming over at 8am. I have to be to the hospital at 8:30. I was a little upset about the c-section because it seems scary but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get Ty here safely. My feet are like balloons. I'm ready to be done with this pregnancy.
I took Luke to the dr this morning for his cough/congestion. He has a sinus infection. Also talked to the dr about his new eye blinking thing since we were there. We ruled out seizures and he felt Luke needs to see a pediactric opthamologist to figure out the cause. Luke did the blinking thing a TON while we were there. He really didn't seem to think it was stress related - from what he saw he thought it could be something like 1 eye being weaker than the other eye or something. So in 2-3 weeks we'll go to an eye dr for Luke. We also took the boys to the dentist today, no cavities!
Yesterday at school my fantabulous team surprised me at lunch with flowers, a cookie cake, and a gift certificate for a pedicure. It was so sweet! I actually went and used the pedicure today so I could have pretty toes at the hospital. I haven't been able to paint my toes in months! They're so pretty! My class surprised me with 3 gift cards and to-go menus for us to use after Tyler is here- Applebee's, Culver's, and Donato's. How thoughtful! It was hard to walk out of school- leaving all that behind and trusting someone else to keep things going but I know it will be ok. I have a qualified sub and a great team who will keep things going.
Thank you for all of your prayers and support- we'll need them! Andy and I are hanging in there and trusting that God is in control!

September 8, 2008

Another ultrasound

Spent another 2 hours at the doctor today and only saw the PA! I did have an ultrasound too though. Tyler measured in at 9lbs 1 oz. It will be interesting to see how much he actually weighs when he gets here. No changes as far a dilating. PA is going to show my ultrasound results to Dr. S. in the morning and they will call me afterwards. Last week she talked about how they get concerned when the ultrasound shows the baby close to 4000grams. Well we surpassed that since my ultrasound 12-13 days ago. Then he was 3300 grams. Today 4110 grams. At this point I'm scheduled for an amnio at the end of the week. I am worn out. My body hurts so much that laying down and turning from side to side causes pain at night. I wake up and my ears hurt from HAVING so sleep on the left side or the right side. My feet are swollen and I have 2 more days of teaching. I keep telling myself I can do it. I'm grumpy and emotional and tired. Since last night I keep having heartburn. And that concludes this epidsode of complaining!! Sorry.
*The best news: when I got home from the doctor, Andy had dinner all ready :)

First Day of Preschool!

Wilson had a GREAT first day at preschool! He was nervous, as you can see in the pictures! The first one was at home and the second was in his classroom. Andy said he walked right into his class - so quickly that he was afraid to ask him to stop and take a picture with the teacher, that it might mess up the bravery he was feeling. I totally agree! New classes/teachers have generally been hard for Will but today he was such a big boy! When I was talking to him about school he said his favorite part was everything. He made some friends but isn't sure of their names yet. He was also excited about getting to play outside. He told me he had apple juice with his snack. That's about all the info I got but that's a lot from a 4 year old! He also knew his teacher's names and told me he got to sit in circle time. Yesterday we had gone to Meijer to buy his foam placemat to sit on for circle time and he was curious about what "circle time" was. I asked him a question about Luke's day and he said "I don't know mom, I was at preschool!!". I'm so proud of him for being brave and going in to school like a champ.

Now we just need prayer that the boys handle mommy and daddy being away (at the hospital) while Ty is born. Tonight he said he didn't want Ty to come because he didn't want me to spend the night at the hospital away from him. I told them they'll get to come visit and hang out but he got angry about us being away. Hopefully he'll have so much fun with Gamma and Gampa that he won't care when it actually happens!

September 7, 2008

Since the last post...

*I'm still pregnant!
*We're selling items at a local children's consignment sale and yesterday Andy and I got them all priced with the official tags and loaded up in the car! The boys were at my mom's for a couple hours so we then went on a lunch date to Panera. That was nice!
*Went to Wilson's parent orientation for preschool Thursday night. It was great. I was very impressed and his teachers seem so nice. Tomorrow is his first day of preschool! I can't believe it!
*Wilson went on Friday with Andy to Meet the Teacher. Andy said he was excited but shy.
* Cleaned the fridge and microwave. I think I'm done "nesting" (which means I've caught up on my overdue cleaning!).
* I finished the book Twilight. It was good and I'm ready to read #2.
I guess that is all! Still lots needed to be done at school before having the baby but I'm getting as much done as I can each day! My team has a PD day tomorrow so we're going to observe another school's reading block and then we'll have the afternoon to make plans/changes to improve our reading block. Should be fun and productive!

September 3, 2008

Amnio Update

OK, went to the dr again yesterday. Appt was at 4, got home at 6:30. RIDICULOUS!!! I am so sick of going to the OB and waiting forever. Hopefully I'll only have 1 more appt before Ty is here. Andy came so that he could ask Dr. S. his questions etc. She was very good at explaining her recommendation from last week but also said it was up to us if we wanted to do the amnio this Thursday or next Thursday. We have decided to give Ty one more week. He would have been induced 37 weeks to the day so we both feel better about this. I was 1 cm dilated yesterday. The new plan is: dr appt on Monday with another ultrasound to check baby's size. Amnio scheduled on Thursday of next week with an induction on Friday of next week. That is all if he doesn't come on his own between now and then! Pretty soon I'll be holding my new, sweet baby in my arms and it will be ALL worth it!!

September 1, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday Silas! We're so happy you are home with your family now. We had a great time at your party and the boys can't wait to play Legos with you. We're glad you liked your present!

We're Ready!

Crib set up - check
Car seat in van - check
0-3 month clothes washed - check
diapers, wipes, vaseline, desitin, lotion, baby wash, passies - check
Mobile, bouncy seat, swing, activity mat - all down from attic- check
Borrowed bassinet - check with sheets washed and ready!
Picture outfit and Going home outfit chosen- check
Hospital bag - almost finished!
Ordered a Ty pluffie- check
Nursing Jammies bought- check thanks to my mom who still takes care of me!
Baby announcements chosen- check

And now for my advertisement: (too bad they aren't paying me for this!!)
Ty Pluffie's are THE softest stuffed animals! Luke has 3. He thinks he has 2, Henry, his famous horse he carries around EVERYWHERE (we've even had professional pics made with Henry and they are one of my alltime favs) and Smoky his dog. Smoky stays in his bed and just sleeps with him at nap time and bed time. He has 3 because of the back up Henry I have in a closet. I don't even know who gave Luke Henry and Smoky. I ordered the backup Henry so that when Henry #1 is dirty or missing we bring out Henry #2. He doesn't notice a difference at all. So I just searched online and found this great website that had a huge selection of the pluffies and for better prices than some of the other websites. I guess people collect these things...we'll just stick with a few around here. I had to choose Tyler's pluffie. I was looking at the frog, monkey, and lion. I settled on the lion. I went ahead and ordered two along with another cute one for some friends of ours who are expecting.
Don't worry, Wilson has plenty of stuffed animals- he has a soft Ty doggie he named Charlie. But he doesn't have one he is as attached to as Luke. He has Charlie, Buttercream, Shiloh, Blue, etc. He likes to have a bunch around him for bedtime!! We didn't know about pluffies yet when Wilson was born. All you expecting moms can thank me later for filling you in on the very necessary baby item I've just told you about!!

Summer Reading

During the school year I don't have much time to read- I just read my Real Simple magazine and Everyday Food magazine. Occasionally I have a book I'm working on. So, in the summer I make up for not getting to read many novels. I found pics of all the books I remember reading from this summer. They were all good - but the main reason for this post is about 1 book in particular. The Shack. My mom read the book and then ordered a bunch of copies and passed them out and said "You have to read this!". So I started reading. I just finished this book last week. It's good. It is a book that will challenge what you think about God and your perceptions of who God is. It was amazing. It was not a light read - a quick read, yes, but one that really makes you think. I can't tell you much more other than you should read it! Andy is going to read it next, MIL orders and he doesn't read fiction. I'm very interested to see what he thinks and to then be able to discuss the book with him!

I'm reading Twilight now - there are 3 more books in the series (Maternity Leave!!) and then I need to continue reading Harry Potter. And watching my Friends episodes. This girl has got a plan! Remember these posts I used to do about my all time favorite show? Season 3
Season 2
Season 1