March 29, 2009

One Sweet Boy!

On Thursday I came home to find these beautiful Gerbera Daisys on my dining room table! My sweet little Lukie bought these for me with his own money - just because. Earlier in the week the boys had gone to my parents house during a house showing. They cleaned up a large tree branch from the front yard (Gamma told them she would pay them to help her). Gampa happened to be the one home so he paid each of them for helping. Andy took them to Mei*jer to let them buy a transformer they were both wanting but when Luke walked into the store he said he wanted to buy his mommy flowers! Andy let him pick them out and thankfully he still had money to get his transformer. He was so proud of himself and of course I just about cried because it was such a sweet gesture from my snuggle-bug.

March 28, 2009

New House!

Last night we heard back on our offer - we were surprised because we thought it would take some time due to the relocation agency. We countered a couple times and settled. We have a signed contract on our new home! Through the countering we're buying it "as is" after completing a termite inspection. I can't believe this is all working out so quickly and easily. God is so good to us! This one is nicer than the original home we were hoping to get that sold last week. God had other plans! I don't want to put a picture or the address on the blog so if you want more details email/facebook me!

We'll be moving on May 1st after closing on April 30th. I don't have any days off from work so I'm going to find a baby-sitter for Friday, May 1st so that Andy and any other men can load everything on the truck. We'll just have everything packed up that week so that while I'm at work the stuff can be moved. I'll HATE missing out on all the excitement! Then when I leave work I'll go to our new house and have the weekend to unpack.
The new house will be almost double the square footage! We'll be going from 1200 to 2300 sq. feet so we won't know what to do with all of our new space. With a basement, living room, and only 1 couch it'll be empty! I'm thinking for now the boys will probably use the extra bedroom downstairs as a play room. Not sure how it will all pan out yet! We're going back to see it tomorrow after church because I wanted to show my mom and dad the house. I'm so excited!

March 27, 2009

House Update

What a week! We've been inside many homes trying to find the right one for us. We were booted out of our home for 6 showings. But it was all worth it because we have a signed contract on our house! One week after listing our house online we had an offer. Then on Wednesday we received our second offer causing the first people to increase what their offer! They then offered what we would have countered. We accepted their offer without countering and rejected offer #2. We also found a house we like. It's 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, basement, fireplace, big kitchen, huge backyard, on a court, and over 2000 square feet! It's really nice. We made an offer last night. This house is going through a relocation company so it will be awhile before we hear if they accepted/countered our offer or not. We're hoping!

March 23, 2009

Wilson, 5 going on 15?

So...Wilson thinks a girl at our church is beautiful! Last week we were making cards for Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Bill's birthdays. Wilson said he wanted to make a card for Natalie too. I said, ok, why do you want to make Natalie a card? He said "because she is just so beautiful." He said it 2-3 other times while making her card. This Sunday he remembered to bring the card and actually gave it to her! He must have gotten a little embarrased right before he gave it to her because he started folding it up several times. He told me she liked his card. He has been saying funny things about wanting her to come over and see his legos, wanting her to watch him at t-ball practice (we saw her at the ball park and he kept asking me if she had watched him practice), and wanting her to come to his birthday party again next year. We were doing an easter devotion Saturday night and the boys were sharing something they loved more than money. What did Wilson say? I love Natalie more than money...He's got it, bad! There is also a little girl at preschool he has been talking about a lot lately too - Ashley. Before Ashley it was Abby...Uh-oh. He's going to break a lot of hearts with those big brown eyes! I'm really trying to downplay the whole thing, not asking about girlfriends or encouraging any of that this early!!!

Another cute story about Wilson- I rented Bolt for them. Won't do that again! They loved it until the end. Wilson started sobbing when Bolt was caught in the house. Then at the end he was SO scared b/c of the bad guy- shaking and crying and left the room. He wouldn't watch the end. Poor thing. He told me to never rent that movie again. I won't! It was so sad when he cried over the dog and I hate that I rented a kid's movie that scared him. Oops!

He has done well at his first 2 t-ball practices! He hasn't fussed and has willingly participated. HUGE improvement over last year! Go Reds!

March 22, 2009

It's about time :)

Wow. Last night I slept from 10:30 - 7:15. Straight. I wasn't woken up by Tyler to eat. I wasn't woken up by Luke. Nothing woke me up! It was heavenly. Friday night Tyler slept through the night and I only woke up once around 2 thinking hmm...he's still asleep! I took a nap Saturday afternoon. I am feeling like a new person! Thank goodness for stage 1 squash! That is what Ty has eaten starting Thursday evening. He loves it. He eats a whole container. He is also eating cereal in the morning. I'm going to introduce carrots next. At his well baby check up Tyler was "basically off the charts" according to Dr. I.
Weight: 21lbs 7 oz (97th percentile)
Height: 27 1/2 inches ( 81st percentile)
Head: 46 1/2 cm (97th percentile)

Dr. I. told me not to worry about him not rolling over much. It's due to his massiveness! He can do it, he just doesn't choose to much. He told me to start solid stage one fruits and veggies. Said "this boy has plans!". He had 4 shots, one of which was a flu shot b/c he was just now old enough to get the vaccine and they are still seeing cases of flu. Good visit! He is happy and healthy, and now for the past two nights, sleeping through the night! He's like mom, thanks for finally giving me some food!

March 21, 2009

Good News & Bad News

Good news first:
* our house is being shown twice today and was shown once yesterday

Bad news:
* the house we were looking at and liked sold
* found out Wilson has allergies, started him on claritin
* Luke has an ear infection
* I had a breakdown at the walk-in clinic. Went in because I thought I had mastitis again. Aching body, fever. They don't think it was mastitis but think it's the flu. Flu test came back negative. After being there for 1 1/2 hours I started crying (sleep deprivation will do this to you). She started asking me questions about Ty and then we were talking about nights. Once she realized I hadn't had a full uninterrupted night of sleep in over 6 months she got serious. Told me my immune system is down, that he doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night, I need to rest all weekend and only do feedings, etc. So I got home a little after 8. Fed Ty and changed his diaper. Called my mom to see if we could come hang out during the showings and finally got to eat dinner. Went to bed and woke up around 2, realizing that I hadn't fed Ty. Went back to sleep and woke up at 6, hadn't heard Ty yet still! I went in and fed him and went back to bed! He slept through the night! I hope this continues!

March 20, 2009

Chicken Parmesan

Tonight's dinner went from frozen chicken breasts to Chicken Parmesan in 45 minutes! This is easy and delicious. I recommend you try the recipe! I'll link the recipe here, at Annie's Eats.

March 18, 2009

A great day!

With a day as beautiful as today was, how could it not be great?! Add to that a super easy dinner, shopping at the consignment sale, a strawberry/blueberry smoothie and new shoes! I spent the evening with Ty while everyone else went to church. After shopping at the sale we ran over to the mall so I could get a new pair of crocs. I love the crocs that I have (flip flops and mary janes) and have wanted the pair I bought today for at least a year! I let myself buy them tonight. Then found another pair I like! They keep coming out with new styles. Anway, I treated myself to a smoothie and then Tyler and I ran to get a few things at the grocery. Came home, gave Ty a bath and then the big boys came home. The best news: our house is being shown tomorrow! Not just once, TWICE!!! Once at 12:30 and once at 3:30. I'm so thankful to know tonight. Here is what I wish, that they would both love our house and we'd have two contracts! Ha! Anyway, it is very promising since the pics of the house aren't even up on the website yet, just the info. We're also going to see another home tomorrow night. I'm feeling excited! Now I've got to do a little straightning and putting away to be ready for the showings!

March 16, 2009

6 month pictures

Ty in his new big boy (over 20 lbs) carseat! He loves it but it sure is hard on him. Every time he falls asleep we have to wake him up when we get him out of the seat. We keep the infant carseat in the back of the van for shopping trips/restaurants because he can't sit up yet in a high chair or grocery cart!

Today Tyler decided his toes tasted yummy every time he had a diaper change. He sure is flexible! He goes to the dr on Thursday for his 6 mo well baby check up. He is enjoying his cereal daily now!

For Sale!

It's official!

March 14, 2009

Wow. What a week!

Life has been way too busy lately. I don't even know where to begin! The whirlwind of working full time, having 3 children, and trying to get our house ready to list is pushing me over the edge. Andy and I are both exhausted (me from the list above and still nursing in the night and Andy from staying up too late working on the house). I feel like I'm never going to be well rested EVER again. I know it will pass but when you're going on 6months+ it sure feels that way! This week I had meetings after school, the boys went to the dentist, and we worked on the house. Today I had my haircut, gave free makeovers at church for the mom's retreat, and then went to a fun baby shower for Kylie! It was so good to see her and Joe!

The boys are doing well. Last night we were getting out of the van. Wilson saw an older couple walk up next to us to get into their car. The man dropped a key. Wilson said "Sir, you dropped something." He made me SO proud! He was so polite! As we walked away I told him how proud that made me that he was so polite and had such nice manners! Good to know it's in him! :) Lately when I come home from work Luke sees me and tell me he is ready for his "nack" (snack). He says "Hey mom, I want my nack." It is so cute. After talking to my teacher friends about this I realize he only doesn't say s's when it is sn...! Tyler is doing well. He is 6 months old now! Hard to believe. So it is time to do the rice cereal for real now. Twice a day will be our goal. He is precious. I had a rough night on Tuesday in regards to his PWS. It just got to me. The longevity of dealing with it and always checking for complications caused by the PWS. I love him just the way he is but after talking to my mom, I know that I will have hard days as I learn to process what all of the doctor visits are telling us.

So, in a nutshell: School is fine. I am sleep deprived. We're putting our house on the market. Wilson, Luke, and Ty are the best little boys a mama could ever wish for! Tyler is happy and healthy. I love my husband! I've not gotten to watch tv in so long I don't even remember which episode of my two shows (DH, GA) I've missed. I need to clean my house. I need to tag all of the clothes for the consignment sale. I need sleep.

March 7, 2009

One step closer...

to putting our house on the market! It's been a CRAZY week. I'm exhausted as usual. I need to go to bed! We met with our realtor this past Thursday and are finishing up a few things before we list our house. We're hoping to have it listed in about 1 week. We were very busy today! Here's what I did:
*woke up too early b/c of the boys
*made eggs, turkey bacon, and frozen biscuits for breakfast
*worked on my consignment sale stuff (bagging ,entering tags in computer, etc) - so far 121 items!
*got the boys haircut
*made taco hummus
*return to Mich*ael's and bought Ty and easter basket while there
*return to Toysr*us and bought Finley's b-day present while there
*went to walm*art to get baggies for the consignment sale
*painted the garage door
*put a few things away in the attic
*made pepperoni rolls
*made potato, broccoli, cheddar soup
*went out for dessert to celebrate Steph's b-day
*washed dishes, loaded dishwasher
*talked to my mom on the phone for almost an hour
*packed one box of clutter
*went to my mom's to pick up a few more wire hangers and visited for a bit

Unfortunately there are still a lot of things on my list to get done this weekend! I need to clean the kitchen cabinets and baseboard so Andy can do paint touch-ups, I really need a nap tomorrow, make menu/grocery list for next week, pick up ergo carrier from Cara so I don't break my back carrying Ty in the bjorn anymore, and CLEAN! The week ahead will be busy too as we get the last few things done before pictures/listing of the house. It's looking good!

March 3, 2009

20 Pounds, 12 Ounces!

Can you believe Ty weighs 20lbs, 12 oz at 5 1/2 months?!?! Time to switch carseats...he can't even sit up on his own yet! Ty went back to CCH today for his two month checkup on the PWS. Andy picked me up from school at 1:15 and we arrived back at my mom's to get the boys and 7:30pm. It was a long day. We had 1 scheduled appointment in the Vascular Malformation center and ended up having a dermatology consult as well. Similar news as before though this time I had a few more questions. I found out that laser treatment for PWS has only been around for about 12 years so there isn't data to show how well the treatment works in the long term. IF Ty's PWS changes (darkens) and we decide to do laser it will require anesthesia and will feel like snaps from a rubberband and will also feel like a sunburn. Dr. E said they want PWS's to lighten to look like Ty's looks now with the laser so there is no point to doing it right now. I was able to discuss and keep up with what he was saying from reading on the nova website. He wanted a second opinion from the dermatologist. He does want us to keep our Neurology appointment.

When the dermatologist came in she talked to us more about Sturge Webber syndrome with the location of his PWS. She said even though the PWS isn't causing SWS right now, it could in the future. It is something we will have to watch for. She feels strongly that Ty should be tested for glaucoma 3-4 times a year due to the PWS being around his eye and on the eyelid. She also noticed that the cheek with the PWS is slightly fuller than the other cheek. First time this had been brought to my attention.

So, good news overall. Next steps: watch for normal development and attend next 3 scheduled appointments.
May- Eye appt at CCH
June- Neurology appt at CCH
August- Vascular Malformation appt at CCH

We're hoping the glaucoma tests can be done here after the next one we have at CCH in May to cut out some of the trips there. We are so thankful for Ty and blessed to have another wonderful little boy to love on. He gets so many compliments everywhere he goes about how cute he is! He is such a good baby too. We love you Tyler Wade!