June 24, 2011

Cake Pop - Wedding Favors

Last Friday we arrived at Creekside Resort and Spa for Katie and David's wedding. We arrived around lunch time and my SIL's and I quickly started making cake pops for the wedding favors. We needed 100.  Unfortunately, the night before my cooked cake somehow ended up in the parking lot of our hotel when Andy was unpacking the van so I had to start over and make another cake. Thankfully, there was a Wal*Mart nearby and I could buy everything I needed!

Table ready with lollipop sticks, styrofoam, and sprinkles.

Erin and Steph with the cake pops ready to be dipped!

Steph and I were trying to get all the mishaps straightened out. There was a plate of mistakes that many family members benefitted from!

Some of the finished product. Katie's wedding colors were this blue and yellow.

Cakepops bagged and ready to be tagged.

My MIL, helping us tie the tags on with a ribbon. They said Katie & David with the wedding date on them. These turned out soo cute!

Overall, cakepops were a success and only took about 3 hours I guess. Not too bad. The bride was happy and those people that ate them at the wedding thought they were delicious!


Last Thursday we left for WV to go to Katie's wedding (Andy's sister). We stopped in Huntington at Frostop. They have the best root beer. The only root beer I like. They make it there and it is just so good. Anyway here are a few pics. We then went to the park nearby and ate our picnic lunch and let the boys play before driving a few more hours.

Wilson really wants to like the root beer at Frostop but he just doesn't like any drink with carbonation.  Tyler wouldn't even try it so Andy, Luke and I enjoyed the root beer this time around!

June 13, 2011

Fun Times

The boys have built a couple forts this past weekend. Andy and I let them sleep in the fort Sunday night. Even Ty camped out! It took a few tries to get them to bed and then they conked out. Wilson and Luke created the fort all by themselves. Ty ended up sleeping in the middle, under the coffee table.

 I found this shirt at Tar*get a while back. With the treehouse Andy built for the boys I had to buy it! Unfortunately it only came in Ty's size. I wish they all 3 had one! I finally got them outside to take pics on the same day Ty was wearing his tree house shirt. Score!

Boys will be boys! 

Three of my loves!

Marine Corp Silent Drill Team

We had a fantastic opportunity Saturday night - we were able to see the Silent Drill Team! I have seen them once before in Washington, D.C. It is so cool. Amazing- I was so happy to get to see them again and so close to home! The boys were enthralled. Andy's uncle used to be on the Silent Drill Team. So we met him there and enjoyed some great music and the drill team.

This was so cool to see them in 1 long straight row.

FYI: I'm getting old because when they walked by us I thought - they are SO young. Plus I found a few gray hairs the other day...

So, back to blogging.

ONE post in MAY?! Wow. That is an all time low! Gosh, how have all of you faithful readers survived without my enthralling posts?! Ha ha. Here are some general updates:
- Andy's sister Katie gets married this weekend!
- I'm working on Couch to 10K. I'm in week 3. It's been slow going with the end of the school year. Now I have no excuse. Hoping to run the 10K on the 4th of July.
- Tried a few new recipes lately. Carrot cake as a thank you to Andy for helping me with my classroom. Everybody that ate it said it was delicious! I agree!  I substituted 1/2 cup of oil with 1/2 a cup of applesauce. It was still yummy. Thankfully we had some family over last night to help us eat it!
- Last night we made grilled fish tacos. They were ok. The fish just didn't have enough of a flavor. It was kind of  bland. The corn/tomato/cilantro/lime juice relish was delicious though. This recipe came from my Everyday Food Magazine. It was our first time to try fish tacos. I'm not smitten. But might try them again...
- Summer is now officially here! I finished up on Thursday of this past week. I've been exhausted this weekend. Hopefully now I'll get myself and the boys into a routine of some kind. We've enjoyed a couple days at the pool this past week. Looking forward to many more!
- I have a confession to make. I bought some beautiful vegetable plants in the beginning of May. I never planted them. They are dead. Oh well. I've felt bad about it for a few weeks but thankfully It was less than $7 worth. I did plant the shade plants I bought. I don't have a garden spot. Maybe Drew will build me a raised bed for a garden next year... :) Now I can go throw them away and stop feeling bad!
- Last Sunday we hosted the Youth at a nearby park for their first on location summer sunday night thing. It was so much fun! We played Ultimate Frisbee (which is like football minus the tackling & football plus a frisbee). The boys were playing with us too. We grilled out hot dogs and had a picnic. It was a great time. Looking forward to more family picnics there this summer.
- The boys are all doing well! They are thrilled to have mommy home and I am trying to adjust to the stay at home mom thing for summer. Tyler is so busy and has NO fear. That is a VERY BAD thing! Luke and Wilson are like little fish when I take them swimming. They love the water and swim all over!

June 12, 2011

Another year ends!

My classroom is packed up and ready for moving! CME is undergoing renovation.They have already begun working on our school. The movers started last Thursday. Half of our school will be in portables for the next 18-24 months. Every box and item is labeled with a yellow label for moving. With my new job I had boxes going to 4 locations...I'm sure the movers loved moving this classroom! 

This was my teacher corner for the past 5-6 years. I can't exactly remember how many years I was in Room 10.
 SOO much stuff for 24 little 2nd graders! I couldn't believe how much stuff I had. I threw a lot of it away and gave a lot of it to my former student teacher.

The view from the very back corner of the room. I taught 2nd grade for 10 years! It was bittersweet to pack everything up and know that so much will be different next year. I'm not a very sentimental person and it all hit me suddenly the last couple days of school.
I'll still see much of this stuff in August! So glad I'm getting to try something new at CME, I couldn't imagine not being at such a wonderful school!

Memorial Day Picnic

We went to a picnic at my grandparents house on Memorial Day. Often, when we get together my maw-maw, my aunt, or my mom makes Cucumber dip. It is delicious. Ty is eating it below. I think this was his first time to try it. I eventually had to put the lid on so he would go play with his cousins and stop eating!

 But mom, this dip is soo good!

Wilson playing wiffle ball. He looks rather into it. :)

Luke getting sprayed by the sprinkler! Madelyn, Silas, and Wilson are in the background.

Luke is a Kindergartener!

Luke graduated from preschool at the end of May. We loved LE Preschool. Luke attended for the past two years and had wonderful teachers. He is so ready to start Kindergarten at "mommy & Wilson's school"! I keep telling him it is his school now too!

Here he is walking in. Love that little grin.

A cookie and lemonade for celebrating!

With his buddy Ethan. They are good friends from school and church. They were in the same class at LE this year. Ethan will be moving to Africa in August. Luke is a little sad about that.