December 16, 2010

Wilson loves karate!

Wilson has been taking karate for 6 months. He is really enjoying his weekly class. We had to encourage him to sign up for the 3rd session but now he is asking us to sign him up again! This past 8 weeks he has been in his new level class and on Tuesday he earned his yellow belt! The level that he is in doesn't actually test for the belt colors yet. Everyone that took this level got the next color belt. He has to move to the next class up to start testing and earning belts without the white stripe. But he is pumped and doesn't quite understand the difference at this point. He is SO proud of his yellow belt. When he finishes his next 8 week class he will earn his green belt. He is learning a lot and is really good at it! He does kicks, punches, uses nunchucks and a staff. For completing this class Andy bought him a staff to practice with at home. We've promised him nunchucks when he finishes the next class. It's pretty cool to watch how much he has learned in the time he has been doing karate! He is taking Shaolin with Master The.

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