September 18, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Ty!

 Ty turned 4 on September 12th. He had been planning his birthday party for at least a month. He talked about it so much before it actually happened. It was quite fun to see his excitement! 

 Don't you love his birthday crown? It's from preschool and he wore it at home on his birthday and the following Friday night at his family birthday party! It was just so adorable. I love it! Luke did the same thing with his preschool hats.

 One of his gifts from Mommy & Daddy. A remote control car from the movie Cars. 

 Ok. Guess who made the cake?! ANDREW! Made the ENTIRE cake. He used a box mix but he also used fondant and mocha flavored icing for in between the layers and for the dirty icing. Wow! Impressive! Everyone loved the cake and it was delicious. I was so proud of him. He is very creative. I love the license plate. He modeled it after the yellow car above from the movie CARS. Ty said this was the best cake EVER!

 My big boy blowing out his candles. We had family over for pizza, veggies, and cake/ice cream. Lots of cousin play time and opening presents. This little guy had a GREAT birthday!

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