March 22, 2011


Here's what's been keeping me's been a WHILE! There is so much going on right now I've barely kept myself afloat!

* Last week we worked most evenings on our new furniture prep and set-up. We moved the bed frame out and put our old mattress/box spring on the floor the night before our mattress was delivered. Unfortunately the platform for the tempur pedic mattress was delivered broken so now we are still sleeping with our new mattress on the floor! At least it is comfortable. :) Our pretty new bed is covered in the living room with blankets. The next evening we moved our old chest and dresser out of the bedroom. We moved furniture around in the boys' rooms and got rid of the changing table and Luke's toddler dresser. So now the boys all have plenty of drawer space with their new furniture! Our new bedroom set was delivered on Thursday. We spent the next several days moving our clothes over and rearranging etc. It is now all set except for the bed frame.

* I had parent conferences last Friday - 12 showed up (out of 15) so I am a little more than halfway done. There was a lot of prep for those and for the remaining conferences I have scheduled in the next couple weeks before spring break.

* Report cards go home this week so I've been working on those and writing comments etc. One more round of RC this year!

* The consignment sale at Luke's school starts tomorrow. All of my items had to be entered, hung, tagged etc. Thankfully with a little help from Andy and my mom the stuff was ready tonight.

* This Saturday my SIL Stephanie and I are having a wedding shower for our SIL Katie. Andy's little sis is getting married this June! It is at our house so I need to clean, go to the grocery, prep food, decorate, etc. Thankfully Steph and I will work together on everything but the cleaning. We've already planned everything so once the cleaning is out of the way it will be time for the fun stuff! Pictures will come next week. We have a couple surprises planned for Katie. I've also chosen several new recipes to make for the shower. You might think that sounds crazy - new recipes for an event but that gives me a chance to try new things!

* Of course the rest of my life hasn't stopped for the above mentioned things so you can see why I've been MIA!

Many thanks to my mama who came over on Sunday to donate her time to help me. She cleaned our double stroller so we could take it to the consignment sale and helped me clean up and rearrange the boys room. She helped me bag and tag things for the sale. I so appreciated having you here mom to help me! Love you. :)

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