March 6, 2011

My Little Snow Skier

Skiing is so cool!
He is adorable!

He looks so little on those skis!

On February 26, Wilson got to go snow skiing with his Daddy for the first time. They went to Perfect North Slopes in Indiana. Andy was taking the youth group skiing and decided Wilson was old enough to tag along and try skiing. Wilson was very excited and Andy said he did really well! Wilson is a very coordinated little guy so Andy thought he'd be fine. They started on the bunny slope. Tried the chair lift and skied a green trail several times. Wilson did really well with learning how to control his speed and steer. After lunch he did 3 blue trails (medium level). At the end of the day he did a green trail twice without falling - and asked if he could do a black diamond slope. Ummm noooo! He also wanted to try the terrain park - no again! They tubed in the afternoon and Wilson had a great day with Andy! Here is a short video of our skier! Andy started skiing when he was 9 and loved it. Looks like Wilson will follow in his footsteps!

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