April 5, 2011

Katie's Wedding Shower

Last weekend Stephanie and I threw a bridal shower for our sister-in-law Katie. More pictures will come when I get them from Steph! Here are the few pics Andy took before he left the house. I made my first banner and I loved it! I have seen so many on the blogs I read and always thought they were cute. I will definitely make these again for future parties. It wasn't hard and it was a really cute decoration for very little cost. We bought the scrapbook paper at Hobby*Lobby. I used the letter punch at school on the paper for the hearts and letters. Then I had an oval cutter for scrapbooking at home. The gifts went on the table at the shower.

Fruit kebabs! Meghan and Lily (my nieces) worked hard to put the fruit on our little bamboo sticks. They did a fabulous job!

The last picture for now- our cupcakes! Stephanie made the cupcake stand. One of my favorite blogs, Annie's Eats has a tutorial on how to make your own cupcake stand. We bought the stuff at Hobby*Lobby and she put it together easily! We bought the cake circles, scrapbook paper (to cover the cans and box at the bottom), and the ribbon. Then Steph used a hot glue gun and there you have it!

The adorable cupcakes were made by our friend, Heather. I found a picture on the internet of some cupcakes I liked and showed it to Heather. She then created these adorable cupcakes. Katie's colors are teal and yellow. These are topped in fondant and then she made little flowers for each one. They tasted great and were adorable on the cupcake stand!

We also had chicken salad in mini phyllo cups. They were cute! I used purple grapes instead of green and did not use the radish garnish.

Katie's maid of honor, Shana brought a veggie tray, and we had salmon mousse that I piped on crackers. Mine did not look like this- I just realized I was trying to pipe it wrong! I did a swirl in the center of each cracker. This was an incredibly easy recipe- with a food processor. I've realized I'm not a big salmon fan. But I heard a lot of great feedback. I'd make them again- they were a nice addition to the food spread and something different and kind of "fancy"! I love the chive garnish on Annie's but the chives at my grocery were half brown so we skipped that step!

One of my favorite things of the shower was the mock champagne punch. It tasted great and we bought plastic flutes at the party store. We garnished each glass with a strawberry on the rim. I so wish I had a picture of the 20 flutes filled and garnished! They looked so cute on the table! Everyone enjoyed the fancy glasses.

I didn't get a picture of any of this - :( - maybe Steph did. But if you click the link on the mock champagne punch and the chicken salad you'll see what they looked like!

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