September 12, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ty!

Today is Tyler's birthday! We have celebrated tonight just us at home. He wanted spaghetti for dinner with cheesy bread. Since Andy and I worked hard on the cake pictured below this past weekend we bought 5 cupcakes at a local bakery. Tyler was thrilled with his cupcake with sprinkles. We sang and he blew the candles out early! He couldn't wait to bite into the cupcake! He also got to open a new Lego Duplo from mommy and daddy plus a train car from each of his brothers. He was so happy! We love you SO much TW! Andy took pictures of the fun tonight so I'll try to get a few of those on the blog soon. Here are some pictures from his family party on Saturday.
The CARS wilton cake that Andy and I made on Friday night. I baked the cake on Thursday. Then I made homemade buttercream frosting on Friday and did the tinting. Andy did 90% of the decorating. I helped with some of the red stars. Team effort and SO worth it! Tyler was so excited and kept talking about his cars cake.
Six of his cousins at the park. Madelyn isn't in the picture but she was there! We had his party at our favorite local park. The weather was perfect. We decorated in the color red & cars- Ty's favorite color and party theme. The menu was planned for Ty's favorite foods: ham and cheese sliders, cheetos, applesauce cups, and sugar snap peas (on the veggie tray). He was one happy boy. He was so intent on eating that he was the last one over to the blanket for opening presents!
Blowing out his 3 candles! Guess we should have scooted the cake a little closer to the birthday boy!

Wilson reading Tyler his train card. Loved seeing that. See giant Lego head? It is a Lego storage container to hold loose legos! He kept saying "I got big wego!" He was so excited opening all of his gitfts and has had a blast playing with his new things. Thank you everyone for coming!

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