September 13, 2011

My New Job

Since I'm updating the blog I thought I'd update you on my new job!  So far so good. My stress level has been waaay down for the most part. It became stressful last week but I'm feeling better now!  We tested the whole school to see who qualified for intervention services in reading and/or math. Those were a long 5 days but overall it was interesting and not too bad. Then we analyzed the data and started making groups. Last week I began pulling my groups. I teach eleven 30minute groups each day. I have groups from K-5th grade which is very new for me and I really love the variety! I teach 7 reading groups and 4 math groups. I literally go from back to back Kindergarten groups to back to back 5th grade groups - but it is great! I met over 65 kids last week. Some groups I see twice a week and some groups I see every day depending on their academic needs. Last week I was struggling with knowing exactly what to do; but after some intense planning on Friday I feel much better now. Today was a great day! I am all over the building picking up kids and dropping them off. I kind of start throwing materials at some points of the day to keep switching groups so fast with no down time in between. But I love it!

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