January 16, 2012

20 in 2012

So here is a list inspired by a blog I've found recently via Pinterest. Here are some goals for this year!

1. Get back into running -soon and keep running. I seem to start up and then quit again...I need a long term goal. I finished by C210K and then I quit running shortly after that. So I need a mileage goal for the year. I know some runners will completely laugh at this goal but I'm trying to be realistic. So 300 miles this year. As of now: 59.0 miles complete. I am having a major mental block here. Time to get my butt in gear. :) Just did my first day of C25K! I had two running buddies- Andy and Luke! I'm including biking, elliptical, and running...
2. Read my Jesus Calling daily devotional. I've been reading it already and it is so good.
3. I would love to buy a treadmill to help me with goal #1...
4. make bagels
5. work on decluttering the house
6. clean fridge
7. try to post on the blog once a week doing well so far!
8. begin a prayer journal inspired by the last book my small group read.
9. organize my recipes
10. get pictures of the boys made - it's  been a while
11. buy something from Etsy- I got this scarf I've been eyeing for months! It was on sale for $12.50 this past Wednesday on Facebook!!!
12. plan fun *free* activities to do with the boys. I am with them a lot but I want to intentionally plan some fun things to do such as: bike ride, park, arboretum, make a marble racer like this, paint the snow, hiking, etc.
13. take the boys camping. Now that Ty is 3 I'm ready to try again.
14. try to sell the desk and camper and get them out of the garage. We took these to an Auction House. Hopefully they will sell! They sold and we are so happy to have our garage back!
15. MONTHLY date nights - sometimes with a baby-sitter here and sometimes after the kids are in bed with take-out/movie.
January: hmmm don't remember if we went out to celebrate my birthday or had a date in January or not.
February: Valentine's take-out from PF Chang's
March: Fro-Jo's - super short date but it was just the two of us!
April: Campfire date- star gazing, talking &snuggling by the campfire mall date- shopping, iced coffee/pretzel sharing, 2 hours of just us :)
May: can't remember...
16. get my Uggs cleaned. I've had them for about 4 years and they are a mess!
17. Make at least 3 2 1 Pinterest projects that are not recipes. I have already made several new recipes from pins! Project #1 Project #2 Project #3
18. Intentionally plan dinner/movie/shopping with my sister. We don't get to spend enough time together. We had our birthday lunch together this weekend! We went to see Hunger Games together! We took Ty & Silas to see Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice.
19. Finish Friends. Andy and I have been watching for the last year and we are on Season 8  9  10. So good. I could watch it everyday. After we finish I want to borrow the next season of The Closer from my parents.
20. Read Bringing Up Boys & The Strong Willed Child

I finished the list one time. But there was an error with Blogger...so I redid the last 8 and could only think of 6 of them! So I really wrote 22 goals but two of them are lost. :)

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