January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Hi. Let me introduce myself...ha! So I've been debating whether or not to stop the blog. I just haven't made the time to blog for the last several months. I felt behind and had so many posts I wanted to do and then I was so far behind I just gave up. So. I made my decision to not give up the blog yet. It is a new year so I can just start from right now without too much backtracking.  2011 was a hard year for me for several reasons, but things have been looking better these last couple months and I am slowly coming out of my funk.

We had a wonderful Christmas break. We went to Great Wolf Lodge with my parents and my sister's 3 oldest kids. We had a great time. That place is so fun. The boys and I made sugar cookies with royal icing, we cleaned and organized, made caramel corn, went to a couple Christmas parties, spent lots of time with family, and had a wonderful Christmas. After church on Christmas Eve we went caroling at a nursing home in town with a group from our church. A great tradition for our family to give something back to the community. Christmas day was spent at my grandparents in the morning and my parents in the evening. Unfortunately Andy's family was in Florida. We sure miss seeing them at Christmas!

The week after Christmas Andy and I took a 2 night getaway to Cincinnati to celebrate our 11th anniversary! That just makes us sound crazy OLD. It sure doesn't feel like it has been 11 years. We had a wonderful time. We had dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery, Maggiano's, shopped at Kenwood Towne Center, went to IKEA, slept in (LOVE blackout drapes!!), had coffee at starbucks, breakfast at Bruegger's Bagel Co., relaxed and watched HGTV, and walked around downtown. It was so nice to have so much time to ourselves! We did birthday shopping for the boys and lots of looking around. It was wonderful! This trip was our Christmas gift to each other. We celebrated New Year's Eve as a family by having chocolate fondue. That is our tradition. Ty loooved the fondue. He was all over the pound cake dipped in chocolate. He had a chocolate mouth when we were done!

Now we are coming up on Birthday Month in our house. 3 out of the 5 of us have birthdays this month. Wilson's is this Saturday and Luke's is right around the corner so we have finally ironed out party details. We shall see how well I can keep up with this blog!


Cara said...

Welcome back!

Debbie said...

I am glad you are blogging! I will say I slacked for awhile due to just not having a lot to say. Also I tried to keep Matthews first family up to date up to adoption. But afterwards they now can have him over or whatever. Anyway just saying we go through times it's ok to take a time out. Then get back on board:). Glad u did!

Sarabeth said...

Enjoyed reading your post! Welcome back to the blogging world :)