April 8, 2012

Spring Break Cont'd

So the rest of our week was great! So sad that it is coming to an end BUT that means it is closer to summer! 32 more school days. It is hard to believe we will be out of school before Memorial Day.
* We made a marble rack track using a pool noodle cut vertically in half down the middle. The boys had a blast. It entertained them for quite a while one morning. (found on Pinterest)
* Andy and I had an afternoon date at the mall. Iced coffee, pretzel, new earrings and two hours of just us.
* I saw Hunger Games with Andy, my dad, and my sister. I really enjoyed the movie. Of course the book was better because you know so much more of the story. I'd think you wouldn't quite understand all of the movie without having read the book. I love the trilogy and have read the books twice. It was harder to watch the story than read about it - but it was a great movie!
* We went camping! Due to rain predicted for Wednesday night we just went Thursday-Friday. It was so much fun. I'll admit I was grumpy before we left. It was still raining while we were packing. But as soon as we were ready to hit the road it was bright and sunny. We had great weather! Campfire, smores, star gazing, hiking, and just getting away from technology made for a fantastic time! The boys had an absolute blast. There will be a separate post with pictures soon.
* Easter Egg Hunt at church on Saturday, Easter Sunday, and lunch with my side of the family at my sister's house made for a fun, busy weekend. I got to hold Anna-Grace who is now 4 months old. I think she might be the size of our boys when they were about 2 weeks old. She is absolutely precious! I love babies. :)

I updated my 20 in 2012 post. See HERE!

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