August 4, 2010

Funny things that happened today:

* Luke tells Tyler almost every night at bed time "Don't let the bad bugs bite."
* Luke told me today that his pillow sometimes gives him bad dreams. :) I asked him if we needed to change the pillowcase and he said, "No, they all give me bad dreams." Poor thing.
* Luke rocked his new stuffed animal to bed tonight!
* Tyler took his train whistle to bed with him. We kept hearing the whistle from his room for a few minutes after I put him to bed!
* I put both contacts in my left eye this morning. Everything was blurry. Then I figured it out.
* As I was hanging posters this afternoon I accidentally bumped my clock. It fell of the wall and hit me on the forehead as it fell down. I was glad there wasn't anyone in there to see! The clock hands spin freely around now. Had to email the custodian and ask for a new clock. The clock I broke today was a new clock from last year. Oops!
* Luke smashed his silly putty into the TV remote. Not good. I've gotten most of it off. Not really funny but fitting with the day!
We went out for icecream tonight after dinner. It was the hottest day we've had so far this year. Miserable! I'm ready for cooler fall weather. And I can only admit that now that summer is over for me. If it's time for back to school, the weather should cool off now.

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