August 14, 2010

She really got me thinking.

I learned a lot this weekend at the Living Proof Live event I attended. It was just what I needed! I have a renewed focus. I heard Beth Moore speak with several friends, including most of my small group and my sister. It was amazing. If you are a woman and you haven't heard Beth Moore speak you need to. She is down to earth and real - even though she was speaking to 11,000 women here in our city! Here are some highlights that have me really thinking about my life:
* In order for God to build, something has to be torn down. He'll never tear anything down that won't be re-built better.
* A desert (unplowed land) in our life is anywhere that we don't let God in. Maybe we say we'll do anything God asks of us except _____. God can turn a desert into paradise. Where is my unplowed land?
* We become what we follow, so follow hard after Jesus.
* God is so devoted to me he will come and get me - with as much force as it takes to bring me home. How do I want my life to end? Am I headed in the right direction?
* God knows what He is doing. He does not have destructive thoughts or plans for me. He has a beautiful plan.
* God has to have our WHOLE heart. Let go of your game. We truly don't even understand our own heart. Our heart can torture us the most because it can be deceitful. Our heart can rationalize things that cause destruction.
*Nothing is too hard for Him. God is stuck right on me. He will never leave or betray me.

I have so many things in my life to be thankful for. It is time for me to focus on those . I am raising three precious boys and am married to the love of my life. That doesn't mean things will always be easy. Life can be hard. But life is good!

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