August 9, 2011

Lost Tooth!!

 My big SECOND grader lost his first tooth tonight! He was so thrilled. Giddy even. He told Andy "Now I'll fit in with everyone else." Poor thing :(  but I'm soo happy that it finally happened! The hole looks tiny but look at the next picture - the tooth is tiny!
I am not a fan of the wiggling teeth. Ewww. It just creeps me out. Tonight he showed me his loose tooth and it basically could lay flat almost. I said that thing has GOT to come out! So he and Andy were outside throwing the baseball and I looked at him and said just tug it. He did and it popped right out!

He somehow has this whole tooth fairy thing figured out and told me not to forget. Then he showed me where the tooth was and how to trade it for the big bucks!! Now the tooth right next door is loose too!

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