January 18, 2011

24 hours from HELL

Well...the stomach virus didn't stop with Wilson. Oh, no...Luke threw up at 6:15 Sunday night. Andy threw up around 9:30, and Tyler threw up sometime in the middle of the night. I thought he might and I thought he would cry for me if he did but...I didn't know until I went in the next morning. Andy, Luke and I didn't get much sleep Sunday night. I just slept in Luke's room so I could help him. I think I was spared just enough to not be puking but I had body aches like the flu. I didn't eat anything until 1 or 2 because I was afraid that if I ate, I would start throwing up. I felt horrible but was better off than Andy so I met the basic needs for our children! They were fed and they were bathed*. Sheets were changed. Other than that the house looked like a tornado hit. It was ROUGH. Andy definitely took it the hardest. It's taken him 2 days and counting. He's still not back to his regular self but he is eating today. He has slept a lot and has consumed a lot of gatorade. I stayed home today to take care of Luke and Tyler so Andy could try and recuperate. I did LOTS of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and put away toys. Thankfully all of the rest of us felt normal today. Really hoping Andy is well tomorrow!

*One bath resulted in me fishing poop out of the tub with a disposable cup. NASTY. I think that is the 2nd time ever in my parenting years that someone has pooped in the tub. So then I got to clean the tub before finishing bath time...!!

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Curtis and Tricia said...

Sorry it was so rough, but I am cracking up reading about the poop. I can get a perfect mental picture of you fishing it out of there. Too funny. Glad everyone is on the mend and that you didn't get it!