January 31, 2011

Thank you!

So many kind words in person or on the blog - I really appreciate my friends and family. It is good to know lots of busy moms feel exactly the same way. Not that I wish for anyone to feel that way but you understand!

We had a very laid back weekend, just what I needed. I was so tired. We celebrated wonderful report cards for Wilson and Luke by getting frozen yogurt Friday night. On Saturday the boys got to play outside with their neighbor friends which was great! Late that afternoon we went furniture shopping. We looked at another store on the other side of town and found our favorite in that store. They had a sleep station - a little "room" with a temper*pedic mattress and pillows. I laid on one with Luke for about 5 minutes. By them time I got up my whole body was relaxed. It was heavenly. Really hoping we can get one when we redo our bedroom furniture. Andy's back hurts everyday when he wakes up from our bed. The mattresses are 10 years old so it's time to replace them! We plan to look at 1-2 more furniture stores before we make our decision. Can't wait!

Then we ended up staying and eating at Steak N'*Shake since everyone was hungry. We lucked out because apparently kids eat free on Saturdays and Sundays off the kids menu! Score!

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