January 13, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Luke!

Luke is 5 years old today! I can't believe it! He is growing up...and will be in Kindergarten next year! Wow. He had a great birthday! He wanted donuts for breakfast and pizza for dessert. Super easy for mommy and daddy! Since we'd already had cake pops and cake at the other parties he chose brownies and ice cream for dessert. I woke him up this morning so I could watch him open his gifts. That allowed him and Andy to have fun with the gifts throughout the day. He opened a robe, train station Lego for his train set from Santa, and the Guess Who electronic game. He was happy. After dinner, the Mc clan came over for dessert. He got the game Pop the Pig from Mac 5 and the cousins played that for a while. Such a cute game! He also opened an art portfolio that is super cute from his Mimi and Poppy. He had several Happy Birthday phone calls today and seemed to really enjoy his day! Tomorrow he gets to bring the snack to pre-school and he chose sherbet cups. He is super excited and planning to wear a birthday sticker from one of his cards that says "I am 5 today!"

We love you Luke, Happy Birthday!

An early morning wake up call from Mommy and Daddy! It was almost 7... :)
His little cheek was so warm!

Reading the birthday card to him woke him up with a smile!

Opening Guess Who. Lottie was quite interested. She's hoping to get in on the next game.

Dessert time! Look at that adorable grin. He is so cute! Before this picture I had him change out the of Christmas shirt he picked out to wear today. Luke has his own style!

Opening Pop the Pig - a cute game!

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