March 24, 2012

My Boys

-I took the boys to see The Lorax last weekend. We all enjoyed it. Cute movie!
- Ty is very interested in coloring right now. The other night he was at the table coloring and he yelled at one of his brothers "you're messing up my progress!". I started laughing immediately that our 3 1/2 year old used the word progress. Today he was talking about all the projects he needed to do after my mom bought him a couple $1 crafts at Michael's.
- got Wilson & Luke haircuts today. They look so handsome! Wilson wanted his cut short. I love it!
- Tyler got new shoes. He was very concerned about not getting to wear his favorite red shoes but thankfully the talking tree had a pair of tennis shoes in extra wide in his size with some red on them. We only had 2 choices. :) I keep thinking he is going to outgrow the extra wide status bu he hasn't yet!
- Wilson is working on a project for school. He had to choose an organism to complete a project on. He chose a German shepherd. We worked on getting supplies for his costume today. He is excited.
- everyone is still healthy!! Thank goodness!!

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