July 19, 2012

Summer Continued!

Summer rocks. What can I say? We have had some HOT days where the boys and I had to stay inside. But otherwise we've hit the pool a lot, I've been running regularly, and the boys have a great chore routine! Overall, life is good! This week we are doing Vacation Bible School. All three boys get to participate this year which is great! I help with the preschool VBS and that is going well. Wilson is in the Mad Science Camp and Luke is in soccer camp. They are loving it!

I've had some fun with my friends meeting at the pool with our kids, having lunch together, etc. I miss my sister terribly. This is her first summer to be working full time and I'm not seeing her like I usually do in the summer. We used to meet at the pool a lot. I. Miss. Her.

Our family took a trip to Crossville, TN to meet up with Andy's side of the family. We stayed at a Fairfield Resort and each had our own mini town home. We spent a day on the lake with a pontoon boat, went to a SCARY tree house, swam at the pool, saw the best fireworks show I've ever seen, and had lots of fun together! It was a great getaway. I'll post more pictures separately. I also got to meet my newest niece, Sarah Beth. She is precious.

Last week our family drove up to Ohio to shop at Ikea. We made a day of it and went to Keehner Park for hiking. We shopped at IKEA and then had icecream for our first time at UDF. YUM! It was a great day.
The boys wanted to play in the kids area so Andy and I had an hour to shop alone! Much easier!

We bought the two tall bookcases and a sofa table.
I love them! I had a lot of fun buying things to set on the bookcases too! 

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Debbie said...

Alyssa, I can't believe I saw you at lunch and didn't get to chat. I wanted to ask about the boys and your summer, but I do get a lot of info on here. So, sorry I didn't ask and tell you to tell them hello from me! Love the boat trip. You look so relaxed and happy!