July 27, 2012

My tailbone :(

Refresh your memory on this injury. It has come back to haunt me numerous times in the past two years. I guess you could say it flares up from time to time...nice how we're talking about my rear end. Anyway. Long car rides = achy tail bone. That has been the most common recurrence. Recently, (last 6 months) it was bothering me so much I asked about it when I was at the doctor. My options were slim. A waffle cushion for car rides, an x-ray, or Physical therapy (which I gather from her brief description that it is unpleasant for the PT and the patient- no more info for you there). I didn't do the x-ray that day because I didn't think I needed to have an x-ray done on a 2 year old injury. She said it could have even turn into arthritis...now that makes me feel old! Who wants arthritis in their butt?? So now if I say my tail bone is bothering me Andy laughs and asks me if a front in moving in. Quite comical indeed!

I've been running for the last 7 weeks about 3 times a week. Mostly on the treadmill due to hot temps. This past week I had run twice outside. The other night my tailbone hurt so much. Ibuprofen didn't help the pain and I was taking as much as I could. I sat on the heating pad and slept horribly the first night because of the pain I was in. I obviously didn't run for 3 days and kept taking the ibuprofen. Yesterday I was mostly pain free. I ran today on the treadmill and did fine during the run. It is a little sore now but I'm really hoping that I can keep running.

I will stick to running on a treadmill if that is what it takes. Lesson learned.  Getting older sucks.

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JCG said...

Getting older isn't too bad without an achy breaky butt!