May 3, 2009

New House

We love our new house! It feels like a mansion. The moving went well and un fortunately we were out of our old house not a minute before we had to be...midnight Friday. Moving took a long time! Andy and Uncle Bill went back at 11 to do a little cleaning for the new owners so it didn't look awful. We've done a lot of unpacking... I would post a picture of the living room filled with empty boxes but at this point that is too much effort! The boys bedrooms are unpacked as is the kitchen. There is plenty left to do. We keep finding things we want to fix or update but the main annoyance is the ants. We keep finding ants in the house. We're going to have to call a bug man. The first two nights in the new house have been great! We made it to Wilson's t-ball game yesterday afternoon and made it to church this morning. It's great having a double driveway to park both cars in. Everyone is doing well with the move except Lottie. She has a torn ACL (I think) and now that we live in a house with stairs it seems to really be hurting her leg. Poor thing. Other than that she is doing well. Off to unpack!


Cara said...

Before you call a bug man, try Terro ant killer. We bought it at Lowes. We canceled our Orkin because it was not getting rid of the ants, but the stuff we bought did. After you use it, you have to let them eat it and take it back to the colony - you can't kill them when you see them - yucky! It has worked though.

Allison said...

Congrats on the new house!!