May 6, 2009

Starting to feel like home...

We are finally feeling a little bit more settled into our new home. We're continuing to meet neighbors, unpack boxes, and get used to the house. We have ant poison placed as recommended by Cara and Jenn. The upstairs is done except for the living room- our furniture should be arrive in about 2 weeks. So right now the LR is filled with broken down boxes and stuff for the china cabinet. The basement is still a big mess and the garage is a whole different story! I'm hoping Andy can get the washer/dryer hooked up tomorrow so I can do lots o' laundry this weekend to catch up. We'll keep working on the basement a little at a time. I did not realize how hard it would be to adjust to a new home that doesn't feel like home! Thankfully things are getting better. I have lots of pictures to share of the boys in our new house. That will have to happen this weekend. I'm exhausted after a field trip to the zoo with the 2nd graders! Gotta go to bed so I can be ready for 2 more days of school this week! Next year the zoo needs to be on a Friday...!
*Ty goes to CCH on Tuesday for another glaucoma test.

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Cara said...

If the W/D does not get hooked up. Bring your laundry over.