May 23, 2009

Preschool Graduate!

Friday was Wilson's preschool celebration! I was able to leave school for a little bit to go see the celebration. The kids stood on stage on 4 mini risers to sing songs. Wilson was so embarassed to be on stage that he wouldn't sing. Instead he rolled his eyes during the songs. Occasionally a small smile would sneak out! He walked down the risers when Ms. Kim called his name and even stood front and center long enough for daddy to take a picture. Of course he was rolling his eyes. I'd like to know where he learned this trick...but I was proud of him because he was really nervous about the whole thing!
Thursday he came to the school I work at for Kindergarten Buddy Day! He was there from 9-10am taking a tour and meeting other k's. Andy brought him and went to the parent meeting during the tour. The night before Wilson was so worried about the tour that I had to promise to stay with him while daddy went to the parent meeting. I wanted his first K experience to be positive, not filled with nerves so I just stayed with him. The night before he was crying, couldn't sleep, was worried about a number of things ("all I can write is my name", "I don't like to sit at a desk all day" and "I don't like show and tell"). Can you tell he doesn't like to be the center of attention in public?! I can't believe we'll go to school together next year! Crazy!


jejic said...

Time is flying by! Kindergarten! What a big boy!

Gayla said...

Ms. Kim is a former Lafayette band parent. Her youngest daughter was a couple of years younger than Courtney.