January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Luke!

Yesterday was Luke's birthday! He turned 4 years old! He was asleep when I left for work so I had written him a happy birthday note and left it on the table beside his gift. When Luke woke up Andy made him pancakes for breakfast. I told Andy I didn't want to make him wait until I got home to open his present so he opened it next. Andy video taped it so I could see it when I got home! It was cute. He got a marble racer. You drop the marbles in and they slide through the path and race to the bottom. He had been wanting one and he LOVES it! He was still playing with it when I got home. Andy took Ty and Luke to McDonald's for his birthday lunch. When I got home he showed me how his marble racer works and we played with it for a while. He requested sausage pizza for his birthday dinner so that was easy for me! Especially with his birthday falling on a church night. We put a candle in his pizza and sand Happy Birthday to him. Tuesday afternoon Luke and I had made cupcakes for him to take to church on his birthday. He chose chocolate cake, chocolate icing and dipped the top in rainbow sprinkles. He was a great helper! He is now looking forward to his Spiderman birthday party on Saturday. He invited his cousins and a friend from school. I can't believe he is four! Pictures to come!

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Anonymous said...

I thought yesterday was his birthday . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUKE!!!