January 30, 2010

It IS still winter, right??!!

It is January. It is cold. We have 6 inches of snow on the ground according to the local news. Then why is it nearly impossible to find snow boots and ski pants anywhere? We went to 5+ stores looking for something for Wilson and Luke today. We found plenty of spring clothes and shoes. But yeah, that's not what we need in the middle of a winter weekend!! I looked after the last snow storm we had at Wal*mart and couldn't find anything then. But I hated that the boys came in from playing in the snow wet and cold. They wanted to play outside today so we tried to find something. The only luck I had was at Dick's*Sporting*Goods - a pair of ski bibs for Wilson. I just got done ordering on Lands*End for Luke. I found on clearance snow boots and ski pants. I bought all of these a little big so they will fit next year. I thought I should go ahead and order from LE while they were on clearance. Not going to be unprepared anymore, especially now that the boys are bigger and will always play in the snow when we get it! Plus with 3 boys, we'll be covered for Tyler too!

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