January 24, 2010

Tyler LOVES cell phones!

I always hang my purse on the closet door at the top of the stairs. The purse I'm carrying right now has little pockets on each side. I keep my cell phone in one of those pockets. Tyler loves my cell phone. He now has it figured out. He knows where I keep my phone. He goes over to my purse and digs his hand in the side pockets to try and find my phone. It is so funny! Yesterday it was on the counter charging and not in the side pockets. He checked the pockets several times throughout the day trying to find that phone. It was so cute! This morning he couldn't reach my purse b/c it was up on a table. He was fussing for it so he could have my phone. I just picked up my purse to hang it on the door knob and he burst into tears. He thought I was putting it where he couldn't get it. His chubby little hands have trouble reaching into the side pockets but he manages to get the phone out. He sat beside me and played with it for at least 10 minutes this morning! Guess we better watch out...he'll be wanting his own cell phone before we know it!


Debbie said...

I agree with you...he will want his own or he will learn to use it and call Japan.

Sarah said...

Caleb loves my cell phone too!! He has been over the moon since we've gotten our new ones, we let him play with our old flip phones...so funny!! :)