January 26, 2010

Worst Parenting Moment...EVER.

So this past Friday night was awful. Things just weren't going as I had planned and I was a little dissapointed. We found ourselves with 3 tired and grumpy boys and no dinner plans. Andy ran out to get a pizza for the boys' dinner. I was giving baths while he was gone. After Ty's bath I got him dressed and he walked out of his room. I followed him several steps behind. Next thing I knew he was falling down the stairs. FAIL! The gate was down. I didn't realize the gate was down. THE GATE WAS DOWN. It had been up before the bath and I the panicked thought "is the gate up" didn't come quickly enough. It is hard to constantly be aware of the GATE...among 199,999 other things with 3 children! So yes, my dear, sweet, perfect baby fell down the stairs. He was screaming for a while. He had carpet burn on his nose and a bump on his forehead. I flew down the steps and grabbed him up and didn't let go for a long time. I did check him over to make sure there weren't any other major injuries...I've never had a child fall down the stairs before! I held myself together for quite a while, until the boys were in bed and then I couldn't stop crying. I just was so mad at myself and so upset for Tyler. Poor baby. Thankfully he is fine and I know he won't remember it, but it sure was scary!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you break my heart! Don't be so hard on yourself. I am sure with 2 older brothers this little incident won't be the last. You are such a great mom and Ty is lucky you are his mama!! Chin up!!

Cara said...

I know you feel bad, but kids fall down the steps all the time! Silas fell down ours several times when he first got home (not the entire stair case, but several steps. I guess that puts me in the worst mom ever ever ever category!!! It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up w/ 3 little ones and keep everyone safe at all times.