January 3, 2010

New Cookbook

Cara got me this cookbook for Christmas. I read PW's cooking blog so I was thrilled to receive her cookbook! I have made 2 recipe's so far and have read the book from cover to cover. It is full of pictures and funny asides throughout. I have made potato skins and egg in a hole. I made the potato skins (recipe not on blog) for game night at Cara & Jason's. I made the egg in a hole for breakfast one morning. It was tasty! She is definitely a country cook and uses a lot of heavy cream, butter, shortening etc. I have marked at least 10 recipes to try! Many of them are found on her blog as well but I love having the book format. Thanks, Cara!

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Sarah said...

I, too, am LOVING her cookbook!!! We have made the egg in a hole recipe as well as the pot roast, mashed potatoes, meatballs, chicken spaghetti, and enchiladas. Yum yum and more yum!!