February 2, 2011

Happy Things :)

- The other night we had sloppy joes. Tyler thought I said poppy joes. So he kept asking "poppy here?". Then he called his dinner poppy joes. So cute!
- Last night Tyler sang parts of Jesus Loves Me as I was singing to him. He really likes that song! He has only sung with me 1-2 other times. It is the sweetest thing ever. The other boys always choose Twinkle, You Are My Sunshine, and a song I made up- called Go To Sleep. For real. Luke sometimes sings with me too. That makes me smile!
- Tyler has eaten veggies for THREE nights! Our persistent eat your veggies or no after dinner "treat" (ie: a hershey kiss or a small handfull of chocolate chips) finally worked! So far anyway!! He has been eating "balls". We have a veggie tray that I make on Monday for the week. This week it has sugar snap peas along with other veggies. Tyler likes for mommy and daddy to take the balls out of the sugar snap peas so he can eat those. So of course there had to be a joke from mommy (shocking I know!) that I found some big balls for him. It's hard to resist a joke that easy! Of course only Andy and I snicker at that - thank goodness!! But my goodness! The boy ate his veggies!!!
- A day with neither Luke or Wilson getting to Strike 3!! Yea! A great day and a wonderful bedtime! Thank you Lord!
- I have exercised 3 times in the past week. :)
- An understanding friend going through a hard time even when I showed up today without chocolate chip cookies for her trip. But I did have homemade chex mix! I ran out of ingredients and then screwed up the batter last night (Trying to multitask) so I couldn't start over. Had to dump it. But she was so nice to me this morning anyway!
- My new math group at school! It's nice to change things up every now and then.

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