July 22, 2011

Dieting...is for the birds.

So. I started a diet on Tuesday. The Dukan Diet. The one Ka*te Midd*leton was on prior to the royal wedding. My friend told me about it and it sounded doable. I bought the book and read up on it. I have NEVER dieted before. I've always been an "everything in moderation" type of girl. But I've been unhappy with myself for a long time. So I decided I needed to do something about it rather than just complain and feel bad about myself. The best part is that Andy thinks I am beautiful and perfect just the way I am. He puts no pressure on me in this area. He has been supportive because he wants me to feel good about myself. I'm thankful for his love and support with this crazy diet thing!!

I've been running. Not a crazy amount but trying for 2-3 times a week when possible. Haven't lost any weight but have noticed my legs are getting toned. Andy said that is to be expected as you are building muscle mass and probably eating more due to the running. So. Diet phase 1 began on Tuesday.

It was the hardest three days ever. But I have lost 3.4 pounds for phase 1. My goal overall is to lose 10 pounds. Phase 1 was protein & non-fat dairy plus 1 1/2 T oat bran per day. Since my weight loss was 10 pounds I only needed to do Phase 1 (ATTACK) for 3 days. So I ate greek yogurt with oat bran, cheese sticks, cottage cheese, tilapia, shrimp, turkey with fat free cheddar, eggs, grilled chicken etc. Those were foods on the approved list.

Now I begin phase 2. I actually cheated on day 3 of ATTACK and had vegetables with my fish. I couldn't stand not eating vegetables any longer. So for phase 2 you do 1 day of all protein (foods listed above) followed by 1 day of protein + vegetables. There are some starchy vegetables I can't eat but that is okay. No fruit still. That hurts. I love fruit! I haven't had anything chocolately since Monday. It's weird. Plus you do 2 T oat bran per day. No carbs.

I have a newfound respect for people who diet and count calories/points. It is so hard. I never realized just how hard it was! Everyday I have thought I should just quit the diet and not do this anymore. But then I remember how unhappy I have been with my belly and go get something protein/nonfat dairy related from the fridge. I didn't realize how many carbs I ate. EVERYTHING has carbs it seems! So here's to phase 2 and seeing if I can lose about 6.6 more pounds...

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Erin said...

Andy is a smart guy, you are beautiful and perfect! But, keep up the good work. Dieting totally sucks!!