July 12, 2011

I provide great entertainment...at the DOCTOR!

So. Last week I really hurt my hand. Here is the story. I went to take two garbage bags of stuff to Good*will. I drove to a donation shed. The shed had these two small swinging doors  on the top half of a side of the shed that you pushed in. They automatically started swinging shut - they didn't stay open. So I pushed in a garbage bag and tried to super fast pull my hands out so they wouldn't get stuck. Believe me, I don't know what I was thinking. Next thing I knew the right side of my hand was killing me. It was scraped and smashed by the swinging door. I looked at it and it hurt so bad. I shoved the other bag in with a little more grace and didn't hurt myelf. My hand was hurting terribly and I looked at it again and it was bruising, bleeding and swelling. I was shocked! I just thought it was a bad scrape. The boys were in the van and as I got in Wilson could tell I had hurt myself and asked it I was ok. I wasn't. I was fighting back the tears and trying to figure out what to do. There was a Son*ic next door so I went over and went through the drive thru (they had a drive thru! I was so glad. I didn't know Son*ic had one). I had to tell them I just hurt my hand and needed some ice. They let me buy some for 27 cents and had it in a bag. I pulled over in the Kro*ger parking lot and iced my hand. Then I started crying cause it was hurting so bad. Thankfully I had a band-aid and neosporin in Ty's  backpack so I took care of the cut and calmed down. Then we drove home.

So over the weekend my hand was very sore. A bruise developed over half of my hand. I took ibuprofen everyday and that helped. But it was still swollen and sore after 4-5 days. So yesterday Jenn and Abby separately saw me and looked at my hand. I had tweeted about it after it happened. They both said I should go to the dr. So I did.

I showed up and explained to the nurse how I hurt my hand. Also asked about my ankle that has been hurting after running. So then I had to explain how I almost fell walking down the stairs while carrying a load of laundry a couple months ago. (I basically missed the last step and landed with all of my weight on my left foot - it hurt but no big deal). Then the dr came in and I explained all my clumsy accidents to her. So they did x-rays on both. And I had to tell the radiologist about the two clumsy incidents. I was feeling more and more stupid each time I told the story. Even though everyone was super nice and kind.  The dr came down to read the x-rays and I asked her about a tetanus shot because several people said with cutting my hand on the Good*Will shed I needed a tetanus shot. (Those are good for 10 years).  They asked me when I had my last tetanus shot and I said oh 3-4 years ago. (Which I really didn't want to explain why). They asked me where and I said at a walk-in clinic. I'm a little clumsy. (That was when I was stabbed in the foot by an ink pen. I didn't want to tell another clumsy story). So thankfully they didn't ask any questions but in my head I was like oh, wow. I am a big, clumsy, loser!

So all the x-rays were  fine. My hand is just bruised and swollen but is ok. I am supposed to alternate heat and ice on my hand. My ankle is fine and I can keep running. She just told me to put ice on it after I run if it is hurting. So all in all I'm glad I went. I don't have any injuries it was just a little embarrassing to keep telling my clumsy stories. They probably laughed after I left and I can see why!!


Tricia said...

I had no idea that you were THAT clumsy! Hopefully none of your boys will pick up that trait!

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