July 12, 2011

A funny story

Today I needed to run some errands so I told the boys we'd stop at the library for new books while we were out. We had the books in the van on our way to Tar*get. Wilson was reading one of his new books about Castles. There was a section on how to make your own castle. This is our conversation during the van ride.

Wilson: Hey Mom it tells you how to make your own castle!! This is what you need: poster  board, masking tape, (etc, etc).
Me: Oh sounds fun! (Faked enthusiasm while thinking to myself how I reeeally don't want to make a castle).

Then Wilson started reading some of the steps. It continued until we pulled into the parking lot. I was half listening with the occasional ummhmmm and oh. But then he really caught  me by surprise.

Wilson: You also need paint, paint brush, and...cock
Me: What? I don't think I heard you correctly. Spell it for me.
Wilson: C-O-C-K
Me: Hmmm...I don't know what that is (while dying inside!). Let me see what it says.

Finally I get the book and it says cockTAIL sticks. Too funny. But keep reading. We start walking into Target and Luke who has been listening this whole time says:

Luke: Where will you build a castle?
Me: oh at the kitchen table
Luke: how will it fit?
Me: realizing that he thinks we have been talking about building a REAL castle. and I just laughed and said - we'll build a MODEL of a castle. Not a real castle. I'm laughing about it now typing this. I hope it was funny to you because in real life it was hilarious!!!

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Erin said...

Very funny! Thanks for sharing :)