February 18, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

 I made two double batches of rice krispie treats, cut them into heart shapes with a cookie cutter & dipped half them in dark chocolate. Luke sprinkled on the valentine colored sprinkles. I actually didn't eat any with the chocolate on them. I was too busy eating the rice krispie treat scraps from cutting them out with the cookie cutter. I'd forgotten just how good simple rice krispie treats taste. Yum! The boys took these to their school Valentine parties. I saw the idea on Pinterest but now can't find the pin.

Here is what the boys took their teachers & assistants. Rolo pretzel turtles. So easy and yet delicious! We made them with Valentine colored M&M's instead of pecans on top, you can do either. My grandmother told me about these last year and we've made them several times. They are all over Pinterest too. To make: Lay pretzels out on cookie sheet. I like to use the square Snyder's pretzels but you can use the twist kind too. Open your rolo's and place one on top of each pretzel. Bake at 350 for 4 minutes. Push an M&M or a pecan on the top of the rolo and smush it down a bit. Let them cool completely. I usually pop the pan into the freezer after they have cooled on the counter for a while. Just to make sure the chocolate has hardened.

Here is Wilson's Lego Valentine Box. He also ended up adding police pictures from the Internet all over the top but here it is just looking like a Lego! The knobs are tp rolls cut down and covered with wrapping paper. Luke made his bag at his school party so he didn't need to make a box at home.

My valentine and I ordered take-out from PF Chang's. The boys had heart shaped pancakes made by their daddy. I had a lovely bouquet of roses on my desk when I got to school on Tuesday. Andy had snuck them into my office Monday afternoon while I was at a meeting at another school. It was a great surprise!

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