February 5, 2012

Steel Cut Oatmeal

Okay so I've never been a big oatmeal fan. Breakfast has been a struggle for me a lot of the time. I don't really like cereal so I go through phases and eat weird things. But this past week I made Steel  Cut Oats with Apples and already made it again! It reheats well for leftover breakfasts too. Steel cut oats were intriguing to me for some reason. I guess just because I had read about them on a few blogs and the  bloggers talked about how the texture was different from regular oatmeal. I opted for this recipe from Annie's Eats because I had the ingredients on hand. I left the raisins out because I'm not a raisin fan. It takes a long time to cook but it is good! I like the texture of the steel cut oats. They are weird looking, I was really surprised to see them. They don't look like oatmeal - more like a seed or something!

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