February 29, 2012

Still fighting the Sickness!

My poor Ty has been running a fever since Saturday. He has been to the Dr. twice in the past week. This all started as a cold, then an ear infection. He has been on a stronger antibiotic since Saturday. Today the fever was lower but he has been so pitiful all week. He is barely eating but we are trying to concentrate on drinking. Yesterday his main food was combos. Tonight I got him to eat a chocolate chip cookie (which he didn't even finish) and some milk. Sunday he ate some applesauce and a biscuit. I called the nurse yesterday and they think he is ok as long as he is drinking and showing some improvement. The improvement is very small but we think there is a little. He has an awful cough and a runny nose. He is so congested I hear him snoring down the hall. Our poor baby. So hoping he starts feeling better really soon!

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