February 29, 2012

3 Chicken Main Dish Recipes

Pesto Chicken pinned here
This was good. I used store bought pesto. You could really make this for any number of people. Just reduce or double the recipe. I think this chicken would make an excellent panini...with fresh mozzarella & tomato on it. Yum! No changes to the recipe. The boys even liked it.

Garlic Lemon Chicken with New Potatoes & Green Beans pinned here
This was easy and delicious. I served it over quinoa (pronounced keen-wa...so weird!). The quinoa smells funny but it tasted good with this dish served over top. I've been wanting to try to sub this for rice/couscous when I can because it is 100% whole grain. Funny story...so the quinoa was boiling and Wilson was asking me what it was. On a whim I said oh it's quinoa- you used to love this stuff when you were little! Then Andy jokingly bought into it too. But, it worked! Wilson ate it and tonight he was talking about how he still likes quinoa. Oops. I don't recommend lying to your children. ;)

One change to the recipe: I don't cook chicken with bones or skin. Absolutely no way never ever gonna happen. So I just used chicken breasts. The end.

Chicken Tortilla Soup from Brown Eyed Baker found here
This is supposed to be like Max & Erma's. I've never had their tortilla soup but this is good. I  used 1 anaheim pepper which was 1/4 cup.  I also halved the amount of cayenne pepper. The soup wasn't very spicy.  I don't used chicken thighs (I know I have a lot of my chicken rules in this post. sorry.) so I just used 2 chicken breasts.  If you are making this and want more than 4 servings double the recipe. It is a small batch of soup. (The first time I used serrano peppers (I think) which made the soup much spicier. I didn't know what an anaheim pepper looked like.)

These are the recipes worth trying. I made 3 others that were just so-so. You aren't missing anything and I won't be making them again. They were fine, just not good enough for me to make again. I've already deleted them from my pin board.

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