October 7, 2007

Big Boy!

Luke has something to tell you- he is growing up to be such a big boy! He is talking so much. He loves to read and really likes to play trains and legos now. Just look at the changes we've made in his room! It is a big boy room now although he is still in a crib.

This is the new chest I found for $25. I was driving over to my sister's and saw this at a yard sale. I don't generally go to yard sales but ended up going back to look at it later that day, and it is working perfectly for all of Luke's clothes!

Here is Luke's new bookcase. We moved all the board books off of Wilson's bookcase and put them in Luke's room. He loves to read now! Sure makes his momma proud!

And here is his all time favorite book right now -- Choo Choo! He insists upon reading it EVERY night! It is really worn out as it was also a favorite of Wilson's! Luke doesn't care, he loves it anyway. It is a lift the flap book and he really knows what is under each flap!

Luke now has a mouthful of teeth. I think just 4 more to go. He likes to dance, he is so sweet and still a momma's boy. Luke is pretty sensitive too but he can fight back when he needs to! He does not like pot roast or vegetables... but he loves chocolate milk, juice, cheese, crackers, and on and on!! We're still working on the whole vegetable thing. :)


Stephanie said...

What a sweet picture of Lukey!

Andy said...

Why is Lottie sticking her tongue out at Luke? Look close!

Erin said...

I can't wait to see him and Wilson tonight!