October 15, 2007

Pancakes, Pancakes!

So funny, had to tell you about it! Wilson was sitting at the desk this afternoon and my cookbook was out from planning this week's menu. He flipped it open and said "Hmm.. what's for dinner tonight?" He flipped through some pages "pancakes or (something else can't remember), let's have pancakes for dinner!" I had actually planned tortilla soup - but whatever! So right now Andy and Wilson are making a delicious pancake dinner with sausage. I did help. I cut up a melon from our last farm fresh veggie basket! My boys ALL love pancakes. I enjoy pancakes every now and then. But I usually have to be talked into having breakfast for dinner. I just said ok and thanked Wilson for helping plan tonight's dinner!

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Boo said...

How cute!! Keep training him to cook!