October 2, 2007

To the Pumpkin Patch we go!

(Make sure to hover your mouse over the pics to read the captions!) We had a great time at the orchard on Saturday! Stephanie, Meghan, Lily and Trey all went too. We found a perfect pumpkin to carve and Wilson and Luke each got a smaller pumpkin of their own too. Then we played! Luke and Trey rode a train. Wilson played in the sand and climbed hay mountains. It was a blast! After a snack and listening to the live music we were ready to leave. It took a little convincing on Will's part. He realized there were lots of fun things to do other than the sand!! We were really worn out by the time we got home. We bought some fresh apple donuts to take home- boy were they good on Sunday morning!


Stephanie said...

You forgot to add Lily's name (I think you typed Luke instead of Lily..lol). We had a blast! Thanks for the invite!

Boo said...

I LOVE the slide show!! It's sooo cute! Looks like you all had a blast!