November 6, 2007

My Man!

Yesterday, Andy had a birthday! He turned 29. We had a nice evening of celebration! The day was long for him as I didn't get home until 6:15 (national board meeting after school) so I felt badly about that. We had planned to order Pizza Hut for dinner. I also had made a peanut butter pie, his dessert of choice. Here he is with his present, which was a big surprise! These are hiking poles. He had been wanting them for a couple of years. These are not just from me, also from my parents and he is using his birthday money from his Nanny to go towards them too. He is ready for a strenuous hike!

Back to the birthday dessert, here he is with a delicious piece of pie, hamming it up for the camera. We also had cupcakes because Wilson did not think pie was a birthday dessert! Danny, Stephanie, Meghan, Lily, and Trey came over to help us celebrate. They helped us sing to him and enjoyed some dessert with us.
Then we listened to some loud drumming by Wilson and Lily and had a foam block fight! It was fun! The kids were having a blast as were the adults. When they left I had a bit of a headache! Got the boys a bath and into bed. They were tired little things! To my wonderful husband: Happy Birthday! I love you!

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BARDLY said...

Happy Birthday, Old Man!