November 3, 2007

WHAT? I can't hear you!

Yes, that is what Andy and I are saying to each other all the time now! Well no, not really. But my dad, Wilson and Luke's gampa, bought a drum set for them. We talked about it, and I knew it was coming. It was a great idea on my dad's part as a behavior incentive for Wilson. Wilson earns time on his drumset by being a good listener. When he isn't listening or following directions he loses time on the drum set. It seems to be working! He's had the drums for about 2 weeks. My dad repairs musical instruments so he bought it at the music store where he works. Funny story, I sent him the picture posted here and he printed it out and hung it in the music store with this "Another Satisfied Customer" with the brand of the drum set printed on there too, like an ad. Sounds pretty cute! Luke enjoys playing too and Wilson has done a great job at sharing his drums. So, if you come over and ring the door bell or try to give us a call and we don't answer, it might be because WE JUST CAN'T HEAR THEM!!!!

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Stephanie said...

Wilson, I can't wait for you to give me a drum concert! Love, Aunt Stephie