November 18, 2007

Luke Matthew- Man of MANY words!

Luke is talking up a storm! He will repeat almost anything but has sooo many words he uses on his own all of the time. About a week ago he started saying "witson" (Wilson) - it sounds so cute! He says so many things I can't list them all. When I set his dinner in front of him, if it is warm he yells "HOOTT" like he can't believe I set something in front of him that was too hot to eat. His favorite stuffed animal, Henry is "renre". He loves chocolate milk- when he wants that he says "choc". We have gotten to the point (since he is only allowed to have it once a day!) that we pretend to put the "choc" in but only put a drip or two!

He had a check-up with the ENT last Thursday. Everything about his ears is fabulous! He hasn't had a single ear infection since his tubes were put in. You can read about that here. He has had them for about 6 months. At our next checkup in about 3 months, they'll test his hearing and see if the tubes are ready to come out. The tubes were the best thing we could have done for his poor little ears.

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