November 26, 2007

Stubborn: It runs in the family!

Oh, I'm having some parenting guilt right now. Both of the boys are in bed. One with a full tummy, one without a full tummy. Luke would not eat his dinner. I made a delicious Turkey Pot Pie with some leftover thanksgiving turkey. Andy, Wilson and I all enjoyed the dinner. Luke just kept saying "no way". Dinner went something like this: I shoved a bite in his mouth. He spit it out. He screamed and cried. Andy took him to time out. He came back crying. I held him and pushed a carrot in his mouth. He cried and spit it out. He wouldn't even try it. So he didn't get anything else other than his milk. I left it out in case he became hungry but he didn't. He never fussed about not eating and I know it is okay to do this, the doctor has told us and I've read it, and my mom has said it's ok but oh it is bothering me now! It was really hard to not give in and make him something that I know he likes. Andy and I just don't want to teach them they can have a fit and get what they want. But it is hard to be just as stubborn back. Even though Andy is stubborn. I am stubborn. Wilson is stubborn. But it was hard for me to be stubborn tonight. I didn't like it at all. Any ideas? I am not willing to fix two dinners every night - Luke will learn to eat what we have, right? Wilson has and he does well eating a good variety. Being the parent is HARD. As you can see, the rest of us really enjoyed dinner!

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